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Once your dog has become comfortable enough to eat meals in the crate, close the door while they are eating. After your dog is eating meals in the crate with no fear or nervousness, you can leave them there for short periods of time while you are at home. Once your dog will stay calmly in the crate for about 30 minutes at a time with you out of their sight the greater part of the time, you can begin leaving them crated when you're gone. The Secrets to Dog Training System is packed with over 260 pages of powerful instructions and insight, and includes audio and videos. Although inexperienced or misinformed dog owners often make this mistake, it should not reflect the purpose and benefits originally envisioned in dog crating.Dogs will instinctively search for a small and safe place to burrow into that will keep them safe and warm, crate training exists to respond to this particular need.
The crate is handy for limiting your dog’s access to things you don’t want them to have and is a place that they can feel safe. A bad past experience for your pet, if he or she is an older dog, can inhibit this training also. If your dog is entering the crate comfortably when you begin this step, put their dish all the way to the back of the crate.

Crate training is mostly about teaching your dog to become used to his crate, to consider the crate his own private space where he can sleep and be at ease.The Benefits of Crate Training a Golden Retriever Crating your dog has many benefits, a trained dog will retreat to his crate whenever he is tired and just want to sleep or relax a little, furthermore it becomes a place where you can leave your dog and go about your day, knowing he is in a place where he is safe and well.
If the crate training process is done properly and not abused by the owner as somewhere to “stick the dog”, it is an excellent method.
If the older dog was locked in a crate for no other reason but bad behavior it’s likely that they will not easily forget that. If your dog still won’t enter the crate, put the dish only as far inside as they will readily go without getting scared. If your dog begins to cry to be let out go a little slower with the time spent with the door closed. With some love and patience the pet will come around to the idea that the crate is not a bad place. On this page you will find basic puppy crate training methods that have been tested and proven to work. You may want to put something to prop the door to the crate or kennel open so the dog doesn’t get sacred by the door swinging open and closed.

We have picked a guide to help you with this and recommend that you always use the advice of a professional. In the meanwhile praise your puppy with a happy and quiet voice for going in and out of the crate, golden retrievers love to be praised.After your puppy has entered and exited a few times, place a new toy inside the crate and lure him in and close the door for a few minutes and see how he reacts.
The crate should always be associated with something good, and the training should always take place in very small steps. If the puppy begins whining you should talk to him, put your fingers through the door and touch him, but do not let him out until he stops whining and settles.
If it happens that you require him to be on his crate for extended periods of time, it is advisable having someone to regularly keep an eye on your dog, and leave him out for a while and play with him. On the first days, only leave your puppy inside his crate for about an hour, up to two hours at a time if he seems to react positively.

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