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You will find a range of topics from basic obedience and house training, food and diet recommendations, as well as breeding, puppy care and much more.
The information provided is based solely on personal experience with our own Bulldogs (and Bordeaux). When it comes to giving your English Bulldog a bath, there are really just few things to keep in mind.  And despite popular belief, the grooming and bathing of Bulldogs is really not that much different than any other breed of dog.
As a new puppy owner, your number one concern must be to keep your puppy safe and healthy at all times. I'm always surprised by the number of Veterinarians that actually take the time to do a fecal float test (to detect worms) for puppies. I hate to think that they are wasting the money of puppy owner's with this type of testing instead of just recommending that they de-worm their puppies every 10-14 days (depending on the de-wormer) and save everyone the time. ALL puppies have intestinal worms – or at least, canine intestinal worms are so common in puppies that it’s probably safer to assume your puppy has worms, and that you should act accordingly by safely de-worming your puppy. Whether you have a puppy first learning, an adult dog with ongoing confusion, or simply want to teach your pet to use a designated area, all of your questions are answered! Sample Chapter # 1: Table of Contents: This will give you a good idea of just how much this book really covers! Lori Verni-Fogarsi also provides educational seminars for colleges, organizations, and private events. Canine urinary incontinence symptoms are similar to other urinary diseases but lack straining or discoloration.

Untreated diabetic dogs may also have decreased appetite, weight gain, and lethargy symptoms as well. The directory is a updated and articles are added regularly to provide answers to many of the common (and some not so common) questions about English Bulldogs.
But unless you have an English Bulldog that has wrinkles stacked from head to toe, this shouldn’t be a huge deal. This starts long before they arrive home, with preparation and puppy-proofing, and continues throughout the life of your dog.
Without the proper routine cleaning, wrinkles and fold can become irritated, and even infected.
Since their eyes tend to water and drain regularly, this area is prone to becoming moist, making a perfect area for bacteria to grow. It seems to me that they should already know that the test will almost always come back positive. Pets can be a very enjoyable part of life… but not as much if your carpets, furniture, or other items are being ruined! Her professional writing related to dog training has appeared in numerous magazines and media, has been featured in Oprah magazine, and she has written a weekly syndicated newspaper column for 5+ years. Inappropriate urination in dogs is a concern for any owner and may be caused by any number of reasons from improper house training to behavioral issues.
If your pet urinates when you show dominance, do not reassure them as it reinforces this behavior.

First, and foremost, it's important to understand to NOT let your puppy out until you arrive home.
Every week, each Bulldog is wiped down thoroughly by dampening the corner of a wash cloth to rub once from one end of this fold to the other. Placing a bell on a string at your door is a great way to teach them to alert you to their needs.
Dogs with urinary incontinence can also suffer from urine scalding and should be kept clean and dry. Fear-based urination may be alleviated with exposing your pet to slowly to the things that frighten them.
If your pet is urinating when you first give them attention, you should first ignore them when they greet you. With any behavioral urination, do not immediately show displeasure or reprimand your dog, rather direct them outside immediately after they urinate and do not let them see you clean up.
Consulting a veterinary behaviorist is another course of action if working with your dog at home does not work.

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