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Before we start, it's important to first understand the difference between housebreaking a puppy and crate training a puppy. So with these puppy training tips in mind, and if you're ready to test your patience and sense of humor let's begin. This Miniature Schnauzer total care guide is an excellent source of accurate, in-depth information, to help you and your family raise a healthy and well-behaved canine companion. A comprehensive step-by-step guide of essential information specific to the Miniature Schnauzer. If you want to know how you can crate train your pet dog, remember that most of the dogs like their crates. This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged Crate Train a Dog, Dog Training, how to crate train dog on September 14, 2011 by Flores.
Crate training uses your dogs natural den instinct of creating a place to sleep, live and raise a family into a way of creating a place in your home the dog can retreat and feel safe and secure. The benefits of crate training can be vast from creating a familiar and safe refuge during a child’s birthday party, while having guests over for dinner or a safe way to travel in the car.
Here are some steps on how to use and create a fun and healthy connection between your dog and their crate. Your crate should be large enough for your adult dog to be able to stand, sit and stretch out comfortably, but no more.
Ideally for a puppy, purchasing a crate that is big enough for when they are an adult but can be partitioned is best. A light weight crate that can be moved around the house or several crates in key locations is ideal for most people.
Remember the three times a dog is likely to eliminate is after play, after feeding and when awaking from sleep!
The crate also eliminates the oppourtunity for your dog to chew or display destructive behaviour when you are not able to supervise.
When first using a crate, place it in the area of the house where the dog can still be viewed by the family such as next to the couch. Sticking a crate directly in a laundry can associate the dog with the crate in a negative way. Spend some time teaching your dog that the crate is a ‘happy place’ and at the beginning leave the door open. Bring your dog over to the crate and give the dog a command such as “crate time!” and throw something appealing inside such as a toy or food based treat. Once your dog is entering voluntarily or you may have even caught them taking a nap or two inside, it is time to begin securing the crate.
Make this easier on your dog by placing them in their crate when they would be more likely to want to rest or spend some time alone.

This is a ‘no fuss’ deal, do not stress the dog by trying to offer soothing word or creating excitement in the dog. Set your dog up for success for the crate by scripting your leaving and returning procedures. When placing a dog in the crate before leaving try not always secure them at the same time as the dog will pair this pattern with you leaving.
This can be the tricky part for a lot of handlers and the behaviour has to be approached differently on the age of the dog.
If a puppy is whining at 3am chances are he needs to go ‘potty’.  A puppy cannot hold their bowels or bladder for no longer than 3 to 4 hours.
It is a little bit scary being first time dog owners, with so much information available it is hard to know what to trust. Complete with a free training DVD that includes information on training methods, convenient diet options, grooming instructions, and health care information. We have lots gifts for Miniature Schnauzer Lovers including T Shirts, Stickers, Home Decor items and more.
Even a dog in wild surroundings will search out a secure, small place to snuggle in to keep safe and warm. But a lot of new dog owners may not be aware of it or are using it inappropriately by using it as a place of punishment. Crates come in a variety of fashions, from a basic transportable plastic crate, a collapsible fabric crate, a rigid metal mesh crate or a unique handmade crate. It works along the principles that a dog does not soil in their den, so in other words they do not mess where they eat and sleep. Crate training will not teach the dog their toiletry manners but it will assist you greatly in doing so. This allows the behaviours to become extinct and the dog will either never learn this or will soon forget it. This creates social isolation, so they are secured but are still in the presence of the family. Be sure to place some comfortable bedding and a couple of toys (Toys that they cannot choke on when unsupervised) inside and make the whole thing appealing to the dog.
As the dog enters the crate to check the reward out mark the behaviour with a “YES!” and then reward with something else such as a different edible treat, a different more excitable toy, a belly rub or a fun game.
This is not a place to send your dog as a ‘time out’ for unwanted behaviours, anxiety, stress or aggression.
This might be after vigorous walk or training session or when they have a new toy or chewy treat. Also avoid prolonged and emotional goodbye as this just encourages stress related behaviours in a dog.

Understand that during these whines or barks any attention from you, being positive or negative is a reward and reinforcement for this behaviour because they got what they wanted, your attention.
Placing them in a crate during these periods of stress communicates a feeling of being trapped.
Always try to understand the dogs state of mind when placing them in a crate and promote its use in a positive manner. Every year, many pet owners in the United States learn how to teach their dogs to remain in the crate or some restricted space to reduce the barking, bad behavior and anxiety of their dogs. So by not making the crate size big enough to make one area for sleeping and other for eliminating, this limits their oppourtunity as to when they will go to the toilet, so as soon as a puppy wakes up, remove them from the crate and take them outside. A young dog must be supervised 100% of the time when they are out of their crate to avoid any accidents. This is the same on the return, remain calm and only release the dog once they are also in a calm state. Approach the crate calmly and do not offer the dog any reinforcement in the way of verbal communication, remember we want to limit the amount of reward for this behaviour. This is a useful gizmo to utilize to housebreak your dog too and will help you to keep the dog from sitting on the couch or sleeping with you in bed. Dogs which are permitted to roam inside the home unhampered usually have trouble telling where their own space is, and can become quite anxious patrolling and manipulating the whole area that is why putting your dog in a crate is a must for every pet owner. Puppies will give you many signals that they are about to pee or poop and if an unfortunate accident occurs, roll up a newspaper and ‘boop’ yourself on the nose because you were not paying attention.
By only releasing the dog when they are calm and relaxed (mind and body) they will begin to understand these behaviours get them nowhere. Many dogs have become injured from trying to escape a crate from being stressed or fearful. It has mesh windows that provide adequate ventilation and is made with Oxford 600D Fabric, which is a resilient nylon material. All is hold by a strong internal steel tube frame with an easy push button folding mechanism, taking little space after folded. For more extensive cleaning just remove the fully washable cover from the steel frame and throw it in the washing machine.

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