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SO most of you know I have my chi, Pixie and I will be getting a new little 8 week old boy this weekend.
They have gotten to the point where we can leave them in the kitchen with a puppy gate up and a pee pad down for accidents. When this pup comes home, they boys will be left out to run (if it's a 4 hour or less stint) or blocked in the kitchen if longer, but the 8 week old girlie will be going in a crate in the same room as them, until she's a bit older. Ignore Every Warning Sign of Behavior Issues – This is a good one if you’re trying to screw up your dog. Puppy kisses may be one of the best therapies for us, and therapy dogs offer a very specific service. You want the confidence to take your dog everywhere – and know regardless of the distraction – you will get the same response, every time.
Not training your dog is like not educating your kid, all you end up with is a heedless and troublesome brat that no one can stand. Ellie has been transformed from a Yorkshire Terrorist of Destruction, biting, constant yapping & terrorizing the cat. Way there will be no accidents opt out, please review that contains the accidents, but still allows. Like any aspects of dog care, for every sensible or well researched statement about canine nutrition there are dozens of myths and oft repeated untruths. When shopping for dog food, the dog's owner is faced with a confusing array of information and misinformation, fads, as well as advertising aimed at making the dog's food enticing to the human buying it.
Dogs have been domesticated for many thousands of years, and they have survived on diets far from the natural one their ancestors enjoyed. I feed Timberwolf Wild & Natural, however my dogs are sport and working animals and have high caloric needs.

Puppies have unlimited energy and no manners, Pixie will need some place to be able to get away from the puppy until its older and has manners.
She is now a beautiful, well mannered, obedient dog. It would have NEVER been possible without Canine Scholars. I've wanted to feed my dogs the very best available, so that they could in turn enjoy good health and perform to their best ability.
It does no good to put the very best training on a dog with the very best genetics and then fuel that animal with less than the best food available. Emmett is our clumsy, lazy puppy who spends a lot of time falling down and sliding around the house. However in our townhome, the bathrooms are at the connecting corner of the next house, so we can no longer do this. I think I would keep the new pup in the bathroom and only leave Pixie in with him once he's older.
The new dog will probably be potty trained (housebroken) The terrible a€?puppy chewing stagea€? will have passed so your new dog will settle for a Kong toy or a rawhide bone and be content. Venus will potty on the carpet if left alone for long periods of time, but not linoleum or tile. He's not one for fetch, but his favorite past times are eating and starting fights with his big brother, Orson. I did try crate training her as a pup but that didnt go down so well, she would poop and pee all over in the crate. I would still get him used to a crate just in case you do someday need to use it, but I personally think the gated off bathroom is a better idea for while you're gone. We are in a new house with new carpet so I decided to turn the 2nd bathroom into a puppy room.

I want Pixie and him to be together, I don't want him to be lonely, so I plan to keep Pixie in there with him alot of time. Since I cant crate train him this early and he has to stay in the bathroom when we leave the house and no one is home, I still want Pixie to be with him so I guess I will be leaving her in there with him when we're gone instead of putting her in her crate like we usually do.
In the event you do happen to pick a a€?lemona€? and the dog doesna€™t work out, just take the dog back to the dog pound or kennel or wherever. You walk out of the kennel or pound with your new mutt prancing proudly at your side and ita€™s like a breath of fresh air. The Bad About Adoption On the minus side, you will have no idea what kind of puppyhood your shelter dog has had.
Their goal is to produce the finest stock possible and will question you and your lifestyle quite a bit before turning one of their pups over to you. Cost, $500 to $1500 for a puppy, depending on the breed, breeder and location.The Negative Of PuppiesFor the discussion of what's good and bad about dog adoption verses breeders, there has to be a mention of puppies, because that's what breeders offer. Assuming you go to a reputable breeder, you will bring home a puppy that comes from the finest of stock and is free of disease.
The puppy should have been adequately socialized and handled INSIDE a private residence so will be familiar with common sounds of a working household, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and all. The puppy should have been taught a few basic commands like a€?sita€? and a€?downa€? if the breeder was on the ball.

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