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I thought this was a topical discussion considering the Samantha Brick article regarding the purported disadvantage of being attractive and a comment on FaceBook about the deliberate, planned breeding of mix bred dogs. My friend Janeen McMurtrie expressed a humorous lack of concern over a few folks who took umbrage with her support of the act of pairing two healthy dogs of different breeds in a purposeful way. Blogger Gina Spadafori announced in late February that her Flat Coated Retriever, McKenzie, was diagnosed. For two of these breeds (Flatcoats and Boxers) the rigid breeding practices of the purebred community has much to do with the genetic cesspool that has created the environment where this can occur. I imagine back in the woodpile, there are some related ancestors but there is much more genetic variety available in the Pointer breed than in either Flatcoats or Boxers. Nineteen chlorides and phosphates, in significant concentrations found not only in our water supply but our bloodstream as well.
Before the criticism begins about taking a puppy from a breeding that produced at least *one* dog to have died from cancer, understand that there are many factors that contribute to it.
They will no longer be protected from genetic bottlenecks anymore as numbers gain in popularity, as more people breed for the show ring and patently discard the value of the FDSB registry and the unlimited availability of genetic material from which to draw.
Somehow I highly doubt the gentleman on the moores of the British Isles gave a damn about the purity of a dog when he went to selecting a suitable mate for his old bitch Nell when it came time to bring up her replacement. As for mutts; I have absolutely no opposition to the deliberate out-crossing of two different breeds of dogs, whether as pets, working dogs or as Gina is suggesting. I just moved a step closer to hell today – turned down someone who wanted to use my stud dog to make a purebred litter. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff that we’re seeing in purebred dogs is showing up in greater and greater numbers in mixed breed dogs and cats. Inclement Weather PolicyLionheart K9's Inclement weather policy will follow that of the Carroll County Maryland School district.
Having suffered my own exposure to carcinogens (involuntarily) during a good portion of the ’90s through the over-saturation of our groundwater to agricultural runoff, I am cognizant of my own mortality. Saturation levels to the point that the EPA advised us to limit our contact with the water, and not to cook with it.
His pedigree is a wild deviation from todays’ Pointer pedigrees,but his pedigree is not the outcross that Janeen supported in her comment on FaceBook. Although there is merit in the argument that genetics play a role, overall size is more of a factor for osteosarcoma.
Marjetta’s National Acclaim and his victory at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1986.
I think he was more apt to be concerned with the dogs’ ability to perform the task which made it useful.
As the Dalmatian breeders or Basenji breeders have achieved in the conservation of these existing breeds and apply the same judicious practice to breeds like Boxers, Flat Coats and dozens of others. If Carroll County schools are closed, the Maryland Dog Spot Play Care and Training Camp will be closed also.
At the same time my own dog was dying, another friend contacted me to let me know that his cat had been diagnosed with osteo as well.
Although cancer is not as rare as it once was in Pointers, there are many things to consider and in Cottons’ pedigree at least, it is unlikely any genetic bottlenecks occurred. His sire represented more contemporary show breeding, but he, himself, was an outcross of entirely unrelated ancestors. Because they are fed from the same food sources, they occupy our environments, are exposed to the same toxins in our ground water, soil and the air we breathe.
Pointers as a breed are relatively healthy dogs and cancer has never been an issue, until recently.
Some breed historians have them going back as far as the 16th century in certain parts of Europe, with their genetic composition being primarily scent hounds with the occasional Greyhound thrown in. They have a lot more genetic variation than the AKC, but exactly how long will it take before significant increases in genetically triggered diseases arise?
That and Audie’s intense drive and stubbornness make him a really crappy choice as a sire of suburban pets. I imagine I won’t be garnering any friends either, but truth be told, someone has to point out to the emperor that we can see his nekked arse. There *is* a genetic component and the arbitrary breeding of Dog breed A to dog breed B just to fill a market niche is no more the answer than abandoning whole races of dogs. It wasn’t that long ago I heard of dogs living into their late teens and early twenties.

I opted not to provide their names, since they have not taken their personal battles public. The same could be argued for two of the other breeds recently diagnosed, admittedly, only to the best of my knowledge.
The suppression of immunity through the cocktails of shots our dogs are given in the prevention of communicable disease? Cotton was born on the opposite coast, was raised as thoughfully as I could possibly conceive and lived a healthy, fit lifestyle. The pedigree is dotted with Field Champions, Dual Champions and other working dogs of note in almost every generation. Mast Cell and Mammary cancer have appeared at higher than normal frequencies, as has Hemangiosarcoma, but my research has led me to limited resources, of which there seems to be no determination between English or German Pointers (of either the smooth or wire coated varieties). Something also tells me that longevity was less an issue also, since survivors of any breeding were subjected to a more rigorous selection process than any we could devise today. My comment about Cotton and my friends’ cat having the same type of cancer in the exact same location makes me think that there are other things at play. He was never overweight, was always in the peak of condition, was fed health consciously and died a horrible death anyway. Since genetically, they share common ancestry, it is pretty safe to say that there is a genetic predisposition for these diseases in both breeds. He is not Cotton, nor will I attempt to make him that way, but there is enough of his great grandaddy in him to make my life interesting, at least. Neither animal had ever shared any of the same resources but the one thing they did have in common was the use of the right hip as an injection site for boosters.
The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break. What makes this remarkable is the location of the cancerous lesions in both animals was in exactly the same spot.
I certainly was not looking to replace him, but the convergence of the stars and too many other coincidences indicated that it was the right choice, so I said yes. For the most part, they have been exempted from overpopulation by the average pet owner; they require space and time that most people are not willing to sacrifice. They are the dominant participant in upland bird hunting field trials and have made their mark as elite hunting specialists. The day-long festival included activities for children and discounts at downtown shops and restaurants. I was present at Zweis’ birth and I have been pretty diligent about spending time with him throughout his early puppy-hood. The name really has nothing to do with the color of the moon, but rather the strawberry harvest. Christine's father, Robert Mueller, was Grand Marshal of South Haven's Memorial Day parade this year. A layer of thin ice formed over the snow throughout Southwestern Michigan earlier this week when freezing rain came through the area. The cold temperatures caused the ice to remain, creating a protective shimmering layer over the snow.
Whatever you call it, this type of moon, with its orange-yellow hue, and larger-than-normal looking appearance, has only shown up three times this year. Super moons occur when the moon is closest to Earth as it travels along its eliptical orbit. A group that goes by the name of Artesian Bubbleheads of Ann Arbor came to South Haven Sunday and Monday to entertain beach-goers using wands to createA  large bubbles. The group goes to various areas of the state to entertain people at beaches and other public places. People like to walk on the North and South piers when waves crash ove them, but emergency officials warn that doing so can be dangerous, due to the strength of the waves and winds that could wash people off the piers.
Mark Savage managed to get a shot of the squirrel last week while it was on the run in his yard in Geneva Township.
When Geneva Township residents Kelly and Scott Weber brought their candy corn flowering plant inside for the winter, little did they know a tiny spicebush swallowtail butterfly egg lay hidden beneath one of the leaves. Much to their surprise, a young swallowtail butterfly emerged from its cocoon this past week. To keep the little creature strong and healthy, the couple has purchased two hyacinth plants for it to munch on.

Thompson had traveled to South Haven to help his mother recover from surgery and snapped this photo on Monroe Boulevard, near South Beach. But recently, a group of wild turkeys decided to munch on the seeds that were left on the ground. But walking on the ice can prove deadly because open areas of water still exist and ice is often unstable on Lake Michigan. No incidents of people falling through the ice have been reported in South Haven, however, Grand Haven police dealt with six ice-related incidents during the weekend of Feb. But, Rural Ramblings website and several other websites that deal with birds, say people shouldn't get too excited about seeing Robins this time of year. The game is an annual matchup between the two teams and was sponsored by the Bangor Historical Society. The tractors traveled from the Flywheelers' museum grounds in Geneva Township to South Haven's downtown to enjoy an evening meal. According to Bangor residents, even though signs are posted warning about the crossing, several times a year a truck with a long trailer will get stuck.
PietrzykowskiA South Haven's lighthouse was shrouded in fog prior to the start of the Light up the Lake fireworks display, July 3.
Mom and daughter were enjoying an afternoon this past week at the Optimist's Tot Lot in South Haven. After three dry days of sunshine snow is expected to return Tuesday, with 3-6 inches expected to fall. The snow creatures were created by the couple's friends, Beth Pepper, Becky Durden, Jackson Clark, Mattie Clark and Tim Durden and several other family members.
Terri Abbott puts her own spin on that tradition by performing a cartwheel over home base in the Old-fashioned baseball game between the the House of David and the Bangor Cubs. The House of David catcher was apparently so surprised by Abbott's spur-of-the-moment theatrics that he never tagged her out.
Scattered thunderstorms are expected this afternoon throughout southwestern Michigan as warm temperatures continue. Six to eight inches of snow fell on the South Haven area from Thursday evening through Saturday. The Grand Junction man said the little flowers have never sprouted during winter in the 32 years he's lived at his home. Approximately 30-40 youngsters and their parents and grandparents attended the event this past week. Michigan DNR introduced 139 Perigrines into Michigan, with 31 released in the Lower Peninsula.
She and more than a hundred youngsters took part in the National Blueberry Festival pie-eating contest, Aug. Emily belongs to Cori Perkins, a volunteer for Adopt a Freind for Life, a group in Paw Paw that helps find homes for abused, abandoned and stray animals. South Haven's Harborfest is a favorite amoung dog owners because of its dog-freindly atmosphere. However, this week's weather picture has changed, and temperatures are hovering in the 30s and 40s.
They made more than 200 Valentines to send to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Battle Creek.
Army PFC Alexandrea Snyder (left) and SPC Tash Johnson sit next to the care package they received courtesy of volunteers from the South Haven area during the holiday season. The care package donations were organized through South Haven Township resident Joan Pioch. Pioch organized a group of residents to help purchase, pack and ship the items to soldiers from the area serving overseas.
Temperatures were in the low 60s for the start of the fair on Saturday, and winds challenged crafters as they set up their booths, but by Sunday the winds died down and people came out in droves to view the more than 200 booths at Stanley Johnston Park. Their long proboscis and hovering behavior, accompanied by an audible humming noise, make them look very much like a hummingbird while feeding on flowers, according to information Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. The girls' great-grandmother Lorrie Getman of South Haven took them to the beach to enjoy one of the few days of sunshine during the week of spring break.

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