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Tantrums are your child’s way of expressing themselves since they don’t have a concept of proper reactions or developed social skills such as communication, negotiating, or understanding the rewards of delayed gratification. As they test their will and your boundaries, it can quickly seem like they are in charge instead of you. To be honest, nothing works 100% of the time and different kids respond to different incentives. Remind yourself that eventually the screaming and the random flailing will end, tomorrow you’ll wake up and love them just as much as you did today.

All too soon, they will move on to being irrational teenagers and test your patience all over again. Then, you’ll be wishing they were little once again! Getting angry at them and lashing out seldom helps, quite the contrary, it teaches them reaction as a solution. We are advocates of gentle, supportive parenting as which models thoughtful behavior and helps keep them calm. But all of that adorable sweetness come at a price…terrible twos mark the beginning of tantrums and seemingly irrational behavior. Even the coolest among us would agree that when the blood-curdling screams start, it can be hard to remember why you like them at all!

If tantrums are severe and your child is consistently inconsolable, you may want to thing about talking to your pediatrician. Create a wall of favorite photographs and remember the times when they make you laugh harder than you ever thought possible.

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