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October 14, 2014 By Kelli Leave a Comment This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content, read our Disclosure Policy. Not only can this free potty chart help your little one learn to use the “big boy” (or girl) potty but it can also help him or her learn about setting and working towards goals. We have made this fun and colorful potty training chart for boys to help you easily print out and start using today.
Any parent who is currently undertaking the same task or recently made this journey knows that it is both exciting and trying. Unfortunately, the promise of sweets, toys, and mommy doing her “happy dance” was not incentive enough. Here’s the thing…simply promising your child something may work for a one-off task but when you need your child to consistently perform the task (such as using the “big boy” potty every day) you need to get them excited about it. For example, if your child gets to check off each day for a whole week they earn a toy or a special dessert. It’s great to see your little one learning and taking on new responsibilities but at least in my child’s case, they aren’t always eager to grow up.
Allowing your child to track his or her progress (such as with this free potty chart) is a great way to do that.
Seeing the words there, waiting for him or her at the end of the week, can help motivate your child.
In fact, my son has not had any real interest in potty training up to this point, and unfortunately, he’s still not overly excited about the prospect of using his “big boy” potty.

For example, when your child is first learning to use the potty, the goal might be to simply use the potty instead of a diaper. Until you get pregnant, or get old, but that’s another story, ha!) But in the middle of training a tiny tot how to use the pot, it can really feel like an eternity and success is far away. If your child successfully uses the potty during the day, he or she gets to check off a box on the free potty chart. Later, as your child becomes more skilled, maybe the goal is to unbutton their own pants or remember to flush or wash their hands.
My good friend Christina had recommended it and it worked very well with both of her kids, so, having no other ideas and knowing I wanted him potty trained before he was three, I jumped on it.
My husband and I BOTH got the flu on day two, which prolonged the three-day process into a five-day process.
For a few weeks, things were pretty good, but because I’m not terribly consistent with anything, he started slipping and I was finding puddles all over the house (thank goodness most of our house was hardwoods!). Otherwise, he’d never tell me he needed to go and would go on the floor or in his pants. It drove me totally batty because I was literally cleaning pee up off the carpet all day long.I had remembered reading to never punish your child at the beginning of the process for having accidents, and I totally agreed. We did it with Grayson until he totally lost interest once he started crawling, but from four to nine months he was going on the potty and his diapers were mostly dry!
He even started having accidents on the upholstery, so I knew I had to do something.My mom recommend using a chart, and really encouraged me to stick with it.

I was going the other direction before and it was so negative, punitive, and just no fun at all. She is a mama to three precious and energetic little boys and wife to a university professor who loves to sing, dance ballet and ballroom, and live simply and naturally.
Kyle is in underpants, but is sent for a potty break all the time, and he has never pooped anywhere but in his pants.
We conquered the poop during the 3 day potty training where he wore no diapers for 3 days and we literally went no where for those days and did intense potty training. But, by day 2, he was pooping on the potty just fine because I would catch him starting to go, then run him over to the potty. He’s younger than most boys, but I think he can do it, and I just want to get it out of the way before #2! I think younger is always better- they really start to get set in their ways after 2 years old.

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