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Mar 06, 2012 · Over the next year, I would like to become diaper dependent by total incontinence.
I have met and heard some people wearing diapers for years actually became diaper dependent?
The current goal: become diaper dependant Very similar (or Cancel) Meaning is slippery, but try to only add goals that have nearly identical meanings.
When a person is suffering from hearing loss, it is very difficult to tell how much the person can hear. The audiometer tests the persons hearing capabilities by resonating similar sounds at various frequencies and pitch levels.

Because most deaf people also find difficulty with talking, no one can really tell what therapy will suit them.
If the person is completely deaf, then the right assistive care devices can be used for the person so that he or she can run their daily lives with minimum dependence.
It is a simple device and it shows the results through an audiogram which is basically a graph. The audiometer looks like a simple device similar to a volt meter in a sound system and the functionality is also somewhat similar.
With partially deaf people, some hope of communication is there and it can be developed but for that it has to be identified that the person has not lost complete hearing ability.

When the ENT specialist is sure that a person can hear partially, they can further suggest the patient to speech therapy where they can develop language skills.

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