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This toilet addresses common issues found with commercial toilets height, attractiveness and accuracy.
With its accessible height and colorful seat, the Primary offers a level of comfort for its users. Utilizing the precise WAVE touch-less flushing technology, the 1.28 Primary toilet eliminates false actuation, as well as unnecessary fear.
An industry first, the seat is offered in a choice of bright primary colors that kids love red, blue or yellow with green hinges, as well as standard white. The flush valve we offer is a Sloan REGAL 111 XL TP, and is given as an option to purchase.
Just like it says it gets rid of balmy bottom This product is great at getting rid of a severely broke out bottom.
Love this I wanted something that won't get my little ones sensitive skin and wasn't too thick and goopy. Balmex I have used several products for diaper rash but it seems this one works the best for us! I would recommend this product This is one of the best baby rash cream that I been using over 10 years . I buy this product again and again I received this product during my baby shower and have been using it ever since.
Great moisture barrier with treatment Both of my kids are in diapers and they both have allergies that make them highly succeptible to diaper rashes. I would buy this product again and again Great Product, my baby diaper rash was gone the next day after using the product!

Works great My son has very sensitive skin and gets diaper rashes easily if he has ate acidic foods, expecially certain fruits.
Best rash cream there is I have two babies under the age of two and this is all we use on their bums.
Love this product After trying multiple other products, this one is the best for diaper rash prevention. This is the best d I love this cream I have been buying it since my baby was born her pediatrician recommend and I became a fan after that.
Great product My daughter gets very bad diaper rash to the point where she starts to get sores, balmex is the only non-prescription diaper rash cream that I have found to clear her up. In other words, the user must physically motion for the flush, which significantly reduces false flushes and saves water. This toilet seat will not work without a flush valve, we advise you strongly to purchase this matching item. Balmex Diaper Rash Ointment is recommended by pediatricians to provide extra special care for baby's tender skin due to diaper rash!
I have to keep moisture barriers on them after every diaper change and balmex is my favorite so far!
Zinc Oxide level is lower than most other diaper rash ointments, which my babies bottom likes.
It has only been a few days and it seems to be working better than other creams, but wish it was a little stronger. Our ointment we were using was not working as well as we would like so I tried Balmex and loved it.

I used this product when my 6 yr old son was a newborn and recommended it to the expectant mom.
This waving motion also eliminates the fixture from actuating during use, which is more hygienic for the user.
Featured here in a convenient 4-ounce tube, this zinc oxide formula with Aloe and Vitamin E helps soothe and heal diaper rash with a protective barrier that moisturizes and nourishes the skin! I was useing this and it didn't seem to clear the diaper rash completely so I used butt paste and it was completely gone next morning.
Designed mainly for daycare and school installation, the Primary 1.28 toilet bowl supports the growing trend for improving water efficiency in schools as a part of greening the school.
The only problem is it coats so well you have to use a strong soap to wash your hands after applying it.
I do prefer the clear substance over this white one, only because less chemicals and the clear creme is a whole lot easier to clean. I had experiences with other products, others which are commonly used by other moms but they have either made her rash worst or are ridiculously hard to clean which also causes irritability.

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