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Desitin diaper rash ointment can create a moisture proof barrier between the infant and the irritating substances that diapers contain. Desitin diaper rash ointment comes in a maximum strength formula that contains the maximum amount of zinc oxide available without a prescription. I've covered how to save money on diapers and how to make your own baby wipes solution, so it seems the next logical thing to cover is a way to save money on diaper rash ointment. I've heard a lot of fuss over using cornstarch, but folks seem to get it mixed up with using talc-based powders. This entry was posted in Diapering, essential oils and tagged bum cream, bum rash, coconut oil, diaper cream, diaper rash, essential oils, lavender, melaleuca, tea tree. Super Charge Your Breastfeeding With Fenugreek Extract, Blessed Thistle and…View details! Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles 30 day guarantee relieves heel arch…View details! Zinc oxide contains deodorizing and antibacterial properties that help in the healing of irritated skin.
This ointment was created to help with many different causes of skin irritations in infants.
I'm not sure about your babies, but mine almost never had a rash until he started eating solid foods.

For rashes caused by acidic foods, combine a healing ointment like Aquaphor (there are generic versions at stores like CVS) with a bit of Maalox or other liquid antacid. Other causes of diaper rash are dyes and perfumes that some diapers have as well as rubbing of the skin by the diaper. The maximum strength Desitin comes in a thick cream form that coats the infanta€™s bottom thoroughly when applied. It has the moisture barrier sealer that keeps unwanted substances from touching the infanta€™s skin. Foods that are the least bit acidic seem to break him out, and we have to be extra careful due to a hemangioma that he has near the diaper area. Cornstarch-based powders are safe because the grains are larger and coarser and not easily inhaled. The rapid relief cream helps to clear up the infanta€™s rash in just moments after applying the cream and is safe to use on a daily basis. This ointment is made with a clear formula that can be even used on exposed skin in windy, cold weather conditions.
To create an ointment with Vaseline and cornstarch, simply combine ? cup of Vaseline with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. The ointment is soothing to baby's bottom while the antacid counteracts any acids in the urine or stool caused by acidic foods in the diet.

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Desitin Maximum Strength is hypoallergenic so that a parent does not need to worry about sensitive skin when applying the cream. It is another one of Desitin’s hypoallergenic creams that infants with sensitive skin can even use. It has vitamins A and D included in the ingredients to help heal diaper rash and keep the skin healthy. It works wonders for very bad rashes, but be sure to ask your doctor first if it's safe for your baby.
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As with all of Desitina€™s diaper rash ointments the multi-purpose ointment is also hypoallergenic. Through hunting and homesteading, my family produces more than enough to fill our own meat needs, happily helping others start their own homesteading journey along the way.

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