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If I asked Noah to pack for the beach he'd toss one shoe, two red t-shirts and 500 Lego pieces into a suitcase and call it a day. So I'm here ping-ponging around a disorganized mental list of everything five distinct human beings could possibly require at the beach, like clothes underwear pajamas diapers pull-ups burp rags bathing suits sunscreen more burp rags toys DVDs toiletries towels swaddling blankets travel crib bottles?? Yes, I used to be able to pack the night before a trip, but the last time I let it go like that I turned into a monster running around trying to remember everything.
Last night, after he slept over 6 hours in his bassinet, I asked my husband if we should pack it as well. I always have low, low expectations about how trips with three little kids will go, and I am usually pleasantly surprised. They sell diapers, sunblock, beach toys and wine at most beach locations(except perhaps actual survivor locations), I promise! I always tell myself that we're still going to be in civiliation and there will be at least one store with stuff I need.
I just got back from the beach with my hubs and 1 year old daughter, and I have to say, I don't know how people with multiple children do it. Explain again why Jason isn't just taking Noah and Ezra to the beach and you stay home and snuggle Ike in bed all day? I found that it totally helped to make activity lists and group stuff I needed by type of activity.

Ditto on the if you forget it you can buy it and I try to keep one master packing list for the kiddo and one for us then tailor them to the specific vacation that way I can run down the list and check every thing off.
Except we drove from Minnesota to Montana with 3 kids in a Saturn Vue and I had a total mental breakdown 30 minutes from our destination (a family reunion) when I realized OMG I'm pretty sure the twins have AUTISM (they were diagnosed a month later) and everyone is going to notice that they don't talk!
Cue the ugly cry and the frantic tweeting and the 8 week old baby screaming to be fed and not nearly enough alcohol to make the situation bearable. I also have an Excel spreadsheet for packing, but that didn't prevent me from packing four sunhats for the baby and not one for the toddler. I have to be honest, with just two, I feel like I'm packing and loading the car for a trip pretty often when we leave in the morning. If you happen to have already packed baby powder (which I know is like forbidden now, but whatever) it really helps to powder up after you're dry. I look exactly like that no matter where we're going on vacation, and our kids are 8, 8, and 6! Ezra might stick with the task a little longer, but would probably pack a lot of plastic food, a dozen stuffed animals and an outgrown Halloween costume. I'm always so exhausted from all of the prep and travel, the first thing I want to do at my destination is konk out. He looked at me like I'm a crazy person, but we're FINALLY getting some real sleep! We went to Cape Hatteras (14 hour drive) with my little ones every year forever, and they were the best vacations we ever had.

And call Jason and tell him he's not allowed to come home unless he stops and buys some baby powder.
3 pairs of boxers for a week, sure, Jeans in the hot blazing sun, sure (chafe much), but its so cool! I've learned my lesson and now make multiple lists weeks in advance that I edit as needed. He's two days younger than Ike, and being our first we are FRETTING about making sure we pack everything.
We almost stuck with our sedan, with the plan of putting three carseats in a row, and I thank the sweet baby Jesus daily for bringing us to our senses.
And he gets irked when we have to go back two mintues after we pull away from the driveway because I forgot something.
Between clothes, diapers, toys, Pack and Play, double stroller, etc we can hardly fit the PEOPLE.

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