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For the Star Wars little soldier, introducing the new Stormpooper diaper bag, available in my Etsy store.
Seven inner pockets (one on each short end, two larger pockets on one longer side, and three smaller pockets on the other longer side). Bag sits up alone very well and holds it's shape even through washing in the washing machine.

I added a little cherry applique to the front corner, since our roller derby group in Salem is the Cherry City Derby Girls.
Inside has a blue lining with white stars, and eight inner pockets to store all kinds of stuff (which every baby and parent needs). I remember a time I would be buying into the type of humor that just has me laughing at all the stupid YouTube Poop-level shit I think is funny.

But then I remember I have adult things to do and not be a diaper baby laughing at silly fart jokes.

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