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A pacifier chain, like this wooden one from Haba, usually is very easy to attach since it has a clip you can just clip onto the ribbon. If you want to make just a plain pampers snail, use 2 baby feeding spoons as snail feelers. For these diaper snail cakes I have made a diaper cake base and have then placed a diaper snail (with spoon feelers) on top. You can make it plain with just some ribbon and two spoons which also makes a great baby shower decoration.

Please post up to 4 photos at my 'Diaper Cake Gallery' and write something about it!
This means when you purchase a product through one of these links I earn a small commission. Do the same with up to 7 diapers, meaning open them up and roll them around the others. If you have a onesie or any other small clothing item, you can roll the onesie and then stick the onesie into the middle.

I tightly knotted the white ribbon behind the snail's head so I could just stick the spoons down there and did not need any extra scotch tape.
I also included a ribbon into the inner diaper of the snail's shell and then simply tied the head on both sides to the snail's body.

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