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Diaper Covers paired with your favorite inserts, doublers, prefolds, flats or fitteds are one of the easiest to use, most versatile and affordable cloth diapering methods on the market today. How to: Diaper Covers are the waterproof outer layer used over the absorbent material of your choice.
You'll save money by not having to invest in a cover for every diaper change, 4-6+ covers is all you need to get started and cloth diaper with ease. Best Bottom diapers has simplified cloth diapering while making one of the most economical systems.
Enjoy simplified cloth diapering with these economical microfiber or hemp cloth diaper inserts. The innovative 5-in-1 Diaper Tote Bag™ is a stylishly functional way to store all of baby’s essentials and so much more! This tote miraculously converts from a carry-all to a multipurpose cover; baby stays comfortable, safe and clean in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs and hot park swings.

It is very simple to make it yourself, all you need is a baby bottle (or more depending on the height) or a bottle of baby lotion, diapers, a hat, a scarf and gloves. There are also many ideas and designs that you can find on the internet or at the specialized sellers, if you feel like you can not make it yourself. We love the snowman diaper cake and we think it’s a great idea especially if you celebrate the birth of your baby in the cold season. Check out the gallery bellow to find some of our favorite snowman diaper cake ideas and designs. Their double-gussets around the legs keeps the mess in, while remaining comfortable-not too tight, and allow your little to crawl, run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease. Just when mom thinks the bag has done it all, simply zip it back up and use as a nursing cover when on the go!

Buttons Diapers Covers feature elastic at the back and tummy which makes for a completely comfortable custom fit. The double gussets and stretch insure that we have a good fit not only on my chubby infant but on my tall, thin toddler as well when I have used the covers on him. As far as function goes the Button cover PUL is thicker and stronger feeling and I like the versatility of both Best Bottoms and Buttons snap in liners fitting this cover. It’s not only a great gift for the parents but will also be the center of attention for all the guest!

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