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There’s a few things that can help if the idea of washing cloth diapers full of Number 2 is making you apprehensive about cloth diapers. I use a plastic Over the Door Hanger to hang the Diaper Sprayer on the side of the toilet.  Easy Peasy! While you’re here, be sure to check out all of my cloth diapering posts, including my Cloth Diapers 101 section. The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking!

Instructions for rinsing out diapers: The diapers do not need to be soaking wet or sprayed completely clean. The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! I will forward it to a friend who is (still) convinced that disposable diapers are the way to go. The blog started as a resource for parents who wanted to make small changes that would make a big impact on a better world and their family.

If this is the case, there is an adapter than can be purchased at hardware stores for under $5. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray.

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