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Thankfully last night was much better (not perfect, but better), and Ryan and I were able to get a bit of shut eye.
When Ryan walked in from a meeting this evening, he commented that our house smells like a urinal.
I mean, animals are supposed to have a natural instinct not to pee on themselves, right? Wrong.

Features kangaroo pocket & stretch ribbed cuffs & waistFit is unisex standard (size up in doubt)Machine wash cold inside out with like colors. Rugged and well-made, its eco-friendly stainless steel design stands up to the rigors of recess. During the day I even tried moving her downstairs potty to the kitchen corner where she’s been hiding to pee, but with no luck.

Only in Amityville!) In all of this pee pee madness, I have, however, managed to master recognizing when Emma Vance is going (which now is any time she’s alone, haha!).

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