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My fifteen years of working with all flavors of sexual deviance has given me a certain perspective of men who frequent houses of dominatrixes, or dungeons, with regularity. If you are looking for a simple way to give your baby shower some added zest, party games could be just the answer you're looking for.
Humiliation Diaper Stories Relying to the characteristics that you has to be an easy andconvenient way for them to go about things.
Potty Training Problems - Your Child Will Only Poop in a Diaper There are all sorts of pottytraining problems that parents encounter when going through potty training. Late one night, sometime around the time we received our good pregnancy news (maybe before, maybe after, I can't remember), Chas joked that we could use cloth diapers. The week we got the blissful news, I spent that Saturday in our local baby boutique checking out all the adorable baby items.
At our class, we purchased a small sampler stash of different brands and styles of diapers to get us started.
The following article was written in response to a comment made on my ask darlene page is diaper discipline child abuse? We had been trying to get pregnant for a while and after a few rounds of Clomid, there was a little shock and a lot of excitement when I saw the two pink lines on that pregnancy test at 5 am.
We didn't know anything about modern cloth diapers or even old school cloth diapers for that fact!
Lo and behold, next to the adorable swaddling blankets and going home outfits was a display of cloth diapers. I had a lot of newborn experience before our own child was born, but being a nanny in college isn't quite the same as being a brand new mom.

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Yes folks, I'm back from my long hiatus with not one but TWO pics to start my 2016 catalog! The first is a lineup of video game women - Tina, Jinxie, and Kaiti - dressed in french maid garb. One being a simple portrait of a diapered girl with her yo-yo, another an amusing babysitting scene with the girls of Digimon!
I really liked how it turned out but was disappointed that it was panty-poop and not a diaper pic. This is another one by the same person who commissioned the last one, but this time it is a little easier to imagine. We already had names picked out and had been discussing our "baby budget" for quite some time. My salary went mostly to debt reduction and savings, but we needed to figure in the added cost of another person in our family. I posted on my Facebook page begging my many pregnant friends to jump on the cloth diaper bandwagon with me. We spent around $200 on an assortment that included Fuzzibunz one-size, Bumgenius 4.0s and Elementals, Thirsties wraps, and more! I didn't know if I was up for the challenge of cloth diapering from birth or even once we got home from the hospital. So I adapted the same drawing of Ellie into a diaper version and incorporated a background as well.

It was decided and important to us that I quit my job once our first little bundle of joy arrived and become a full time stay at home mom. So I laughed off his cloth diaper suggestion and went along in my happy little baby planning world. I prepped them four months before I needed them and impatiently waited for our little boy to arrive! Then we wanted to use disposable diapers at home until his cord stump fell off and I felt like my feet were truly wet as a new mom. Well visits and breast milk were free, the diapers were paid for, he had plenty of clothes. We all know, or maybe you don't, that teacher pay isn't great, but remove tens of thousands of dollars from any family's budget and it'll be missed and noticed!
And while money saving was the number one reason we started to use cloth diapers, I began to love the environmental aspect as well. And of course, the community of moms I have met through cloth diapering has been overwhelming awesome!

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