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Two layers of 100% polyester Canadian-milled mesh allows water to comfortably move through the diaper while keeping any solids, should they occur at an inopportune time, out of the water. Our diaper is completely designed and manufactured right in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, just like the rest of our AppleCheeks line. And our signature two-size system with snaps at the waist and separately adjustable snaps at the thigh means your little one is guaranteed a comfortable, long-last fit.
But, potty training is inevitable and it’s hard to avoid water when the south Texas summers are scorching hot. If you are interested in other cloth trainer brands, here is a list of popular ones from a 2008 post Most Popular Cloth Trainers. Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. I used cloth diapers from birth to 2 years old with my daughter…mostly bum Genius, but also others and had a good experience.
Those of you that like Charlie Banana swim diapers, what size would you recommend for my tiny, 6 mo. I had to laugh at your last statement about buying Gerber cloth trainers and using the savings on yourself :) I regrettably did not use cloth diapers with my first child, but by the time she was beginning to use the potty a few months before she turned 2, I had decided to forego Pull-ups disposables and use Gerber cloth trainers.
I didn’t know if there was another place I could contact you so I just thought I would ask you my question here. I want to get diapers that are easy to clean and maintain and diapers that will hold up well. I also mentioned that my daughter wears them at night which is even worse then when she wore them during the day!

It really seems like a chafing issue, but since the Doc was so sure it was a reaction to the material my mind started to wander if maybe he is sensitive to the material. So long story short…is it possible chafing is an issue since it’s just where the legs are?
Nichole, we had the same problem with my son from right around the time he began to crawl a lot up until maybe 3 or 4 months ago.
I would have loved to use Gerber training pants, but I couldn’t find any that are size 5t. I would say it is not so much the inside of the diaper that will get the wear and tear being used as a swim diaper, but the outside, if using at the beach then the sand gets ground into the fabric and at the pools the rough surfaces of the bottom and sides can snag and ruin the fabric. Danielle – I have Fuzzibunz pocket diapers and used them last year in our personal pool as a swim diaper for my then 4-month-old. The fuzzibunz website person who posts on facebook was certain this was a safe use as far as chemicals were concerned on the PUL lining, though I had wondered since you’re not supposed to use chlorine bleach.
Speedo Girls' Swim Diaper allows little swimmers to have fun in the water without worrying about bathroom breaks.
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As we know you LOVE the styling of the AppleCheeks Envelope Cover, we’ve translated the design to a product that really works for the pool, the lake or the beach! She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. She doesn’t pee a ton at night or nap time but enough that she needs to be in a diaper.

I have used both and they are both great and will not cause a buildup like other creams bought in a store and may help provide a barrier to whatever is causing your LO’s problem. Of course, the chlorine in pools is much less concentrated, so perhaps that’s the key. My 2 yo DD is potty trained during the day with very few accidents as long as she is running around the house bare butt. She started in them at 3 months and she is now 21 months and potty trained so she is only in them at night.
I happened to have a Fuzzibunz perfect fit and noticed that the leg openings were a little roomier and didn’t cause the same problem. In our case, we were swimming in a saltwalter chlorinated pool, so I was even less concerned. I am trying to figure out what to do for the next baby when that time comes because I really do not like these diapers at all. I realize this may not totally answer your question, but I hope it’s a bit of a help to have a little more info on the matter!
Wash and dry at normal temperatures in washer and dryer; Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.

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