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July 23, 2015 by tipsfromamom 2 Comments “We received complimentary tickets to SeaWorld San Diego to help us with this review. There are a lot of things I learned visiting SeaWorld with a big family and I’ll share those tips with you. We are always trying to make sure everyone is happy and when you have a big family, that’s really hard sometimes. Bring a stroller or if you don’t have a small child that requires a stroller, bring a wagon. Bring water wear or clothing that dries fast and a towel. If you ride every ride and sit in the soak zone, you will get wet. Plan your visit around the shows you want to see. The best thing about a visit to SeaWorld is the shows they offer. Take note of where the bathrooms are. Self explanatory, especially for those mommies that need to change diapers or help a child who is potty training. Rides for the whole family. I loved the fact that my 4 year old could go on a bunch of rides with us.
The ultimate 1-piece nappy for absorbency, fit, comfort and an out of this world performance.
There are some amusement parks that cater to really young children and some that cater to older kids.

This is Southern California and it’s really humid, so it will take a long time for your clothes to dry. From all the parks we visited on our trip to Southern California, SeaWorld was the one we got our heads burned.
While you are there please take a break when you are getting the signals that they’ve had enough. Actually my older kids said that the Manta was their favorite roller coaster from all the parks we visited on our trip.
Make sure you arrive about 15 minutes or more early to each show so you can get a seat together.
Yes. $16 for cars, $21 for RVs and campers, $11 for Motorcycles, and you can pay $21 for Up-Close Parking (When available). It was also fun to go on the Skytower and see the whole park and the beautiful views of the surrounding area.
It was really fun to see the whale family especially since they have the cutest 2 year old whale. Tell them to find someone who works at SeaWorld (point them out to them so they know what they look like and what they wear).
So it’s really nice to have something that will help you tote around all those things.

Make sure you click on they day you will be visiting, because show times differ from day to day. So decide which ones you want to see and then decide which rides you want to run to after the shows. If you have boys with short haircuts, or girls with parts in their hair, you’ll want to cover their heads up with hats or umbrellas. You can also feed the sea lions, or head over and climb the giant rope wall in Sesame Street Bay of Play. I also use a black permanent marker to write my child’s name on his arm with my phone number so I can be called if someone finds him. You can buy multi-park passes which includes different combinations with admission to Southern California CityPass, San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and Universal Studios. We didn’t notice how many places there were to sit and eat in the shade, so look around and find a good spot. If you want to save money you can also bring a cooler with lunch in it and keep it in the car.

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