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Unknown to some, there are many 3 year old discipline strategies that parents can employ to better handle their children. One of the most discussed 3 year old discipline issues revolve around parents’ approach towards tantrums and aggression. Be patient with your child as you teach her new skills and give her lots of praise when she does the right thing. You may need to show and remind your toddler of the behaviour you expect from her many times before she will follow you.
Your toddler doesn’t understand punishment and so it is unlikely that she will learn the lesson you are trying to teach her if you punish her. If your toddler repeatedly defies you and is placing herself in a potentially dangerous situation, you need to physically pick her up and remove her. Assess your expectations – is it reasonable for you to expect your toddler to behave in the manner you do?
Sometimes to drive a point home to your child, you have to make hard decisions rather than convenient ones.
The second year after a child’s birth is the age when babies start to challenge parents with the desire to affirm their independence. You should understand that the 2-year old child is not attempting to be naughty when he throws himself or herself on the floor or screams just because you denied him something. In case you are somewhere and the 2-year-old throws a tantrum, you should move away from the kid and use another task to distract him. Besides, discipline for 2 year old twins is at times tricky and needs special attention so as to ensure that they grow uprightly. Finally, the notice where and when the tantrums seem to occur and desist from such scenarios until the child is very old enough to can manage themselves better. Many parents are up and about on the internet looking for tips on how to discipline a 3 year old. If your three year old does not seem to listen to anything that you say, there may be several reasons for that. While maintaining the gaze, tell him sternly that you will not accept any more lies from him and that lying is unacceptable. At 3 years, kids want to exercise control over their younger siblings and may hit them at times. Talking back is a show of rebellion on the part of the child and lack of sternness on the part of the parents. We have to remember that it is around this time that children begin to speak in complete sentences. Parents must realize once their children get all fidgety and hyperactive, a simple no is not enough.

While this stage can be such an emotional ride for both you and your child, always remember that it comes with the territory. Generally, tantrum-throwing begins when a child reaches 2 years old and starts to taper off at 3 or 4 years old. He is simply overpowered by his aggravation and does not have any other way to demonstrate his frustration.
If the kid becomes aggressive, it might be essential to grasp them and prevent them from hurting other people. Threatening, spanking or yelling, when the child does something wrong, will not only aggravate the tantrum but also it will make things very worse. This is because twins develop some unique characters which unless they are dealt with accordingly, they can lead to some negative behaviors. Therefore, children should be advised so as to ensure that they grow maturely with suitable behaviors. It could either be that they are learning to be rebellious, or they hardly understand your instructions or they do not appreciate your authority. Also make sure that the toddler does not leave the room until you have finished talking to them. If the habit persists, there is no harm in employing a more stern voice and a little shouting to make sure that he takes your warning seriously.
For instance, you may tell him to handle his siblings gently and with love the way you handle him.
Parents therefore need to be stricter when saying no to their child or when giving instructions. This article will explore ideas that will ultimately lead to an easier time in parenting your 3 year old. Their clear voice and strong demeanor can sometimes fool us about where they are mentally, socially, and emotionally. In fact, it is the most appropriate moment to step in and show what your child ought to do. If we invest enough love, time, patience, and support, our child will grow up gracefully, effectively adjusting to the world.
This is because this is the period they are persistently testing the boundaries to observe how further they can move and they can also react aggressively when they do not get what they want. Discipline for 2-year-old tantrums involve crying, biting, hitting, screaming as well as they throw themselves on the ground. Most parents are embarrassed and rattled when their kid throws a tantrum such that they instantly give in to them instantly. The first thing that you need to understand is that a 3 year old still does not comprehend a lot of words you use.

If your kid knows how to speak coherently, ask him to repeat what you just said as a way of making sure that he got it. Once you discover the lie, get down to the level of the child and look him straight in the eye.
Looking a child is a great way of getting the message across with the seriousness it deserves.
If the hitting is a reaction to anger, you need to find out what is angering him and address it instead. It is important to let the toddler know that you have the final say and you demand obedience. But if you have been wondering how to discipline a 3 year old, you may want to give this a try. Condoning even the simplest misbehavior may open doors to more 3 year old discipline problems in the future. Instead pick the battles you need to win, for example, teaching her to hold your hand when crossing the road every time, and then be prepared to concede in more trivial affairs – she wants to wear a bikini and tights to daycare… you think she looks silly, but will anyone be hurt if she gets her way? In short, this is a way to demonstrate their aggravation that they cannot get what they want. This will strengthen the notion that they get whatever they need when they throw a tantrum.
Once we come from that perspective, it becomes easier for us to stretch our patience and understanding. Through socializing, your child inevitably gets to wait turns, share toys, and exchange nice words like please and thank you.
Never let such frustrations rattle you, it is something that each kid usually goes through. The appropriate discipline for 2 year olds should be based on corrections and not based on screaming, caning or hitting the child. At 3 years, toddlers are learning a couple of things, they are actively exploring the world, learning independence and are seeking to control their siblings.
That is why parents need skills to say no to a toddler who exhibits undesirable characteristics at this stage and learn to direct them appropriately.

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