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TweetEmailWe all have idealized images of the holiday season–perfect gifts and the warm glow of togetherness.
Identify your hot buttons.   We can’t change our response to hot buttons unless we know what they are.
Our childhood and earlier adult experiences are the true source of the intensity for current hot buttons. After we become aware of the story we are telling ourselves, the next step to imagine a different story. But your ex most likely has a completely different story about your relationship and what happened. It takes willingness, courage, practice, and support to make these changes in how you respond.
Lorraine Segal is a certified conflict management coach,  forgiveness mentor, a  mediator  and trainer specializing in transforming communication and resolving conflict for co-parents.
This entry was posted in co-parenting, divorced parents, Healing conflict and tagged co-parenting, divorce conflict, impossible ex. We are constantly getting feedback, whether from friends, family, colleagues, or supervisors, whether informal or in a performance re- view. Dealing with Bullying Behaviors in Hospital Settings From hospitals to boardrooms to the NFL locker room, bullying behaviors are epidemic, and we all need skills and tools to understand and deal with this issue. When parents are sharing custody of their child, it can make the holidays feel even more hectic.
Always check with each other to ensure that your plans with your family do not conflict with their plans. As a parent, you need to realize that timesharing during the holidays is going to require both parents to compromise.
When your kids are with the other parent, instead of feeling depressed and lonely, focus instead on your family and support system. TweetEmailWhile parents are divorcing and after they are divorced, they are often overwhelmed by all the changes in their lives.
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Lorraine Segal is a certified conflict management coach, a  mediator  and trainer specializing in transforming communication and resolving conflict for co-parents.
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This article will give divorced parents some practical and effective suggestions for making the holidays more enjoyable and comfortable for their children.  After 20 years of practicing family law, I have had the opportunity to learn techniques to help clients from some of the best mental health professionals in the country.
Studies show that children whose divorced parents get along with one another adapt much easier to new things post-divorce. Charla Bradshaw is an accomplished family law attorney and Denton Managing Shareholder known for successfully summarizing some of the most difficult cases.
She is immediate past chair of the State Bar of Texas District 14 Grievance Committee and still serves as a member. But the gap between expectations and reality can be huge when parents are recently divorced, and grief, anger, and bitterness can intensify holiday stress. Unfortunately, other people generally won’t stop pushing our buttons once we’ve uncovered them, even if we ask nicely. This often involves some variation of your belief that he or she must think you are unimportant, incompetent, stupid, unlikable, or unworthy or a bad parent.
If your ex’s words or actions remind you of earlier hurtful events in your marriage or with other family members, or if the situation seems to repeat a negative pattern you’ve experienced somewhere before, you will probably react to the sum of all of those incidences, not simply to the present trigger. This could mean shifting our vision to enter the other person’s perspective or changing our self-story for the better. Assume for a minute that the interpretation or positive aspect you investigated or invented in step 4 is correct. But even if you’re sure your ex is criticizing or obstructing you, choosing to act as if the better story is true can help you detach, communicate calmly, and stay serene and self-loving during the holidays. Timesharing during the holidays can be very stressful, and not just for the parents – often the stress and tension the parents feel is transferred to the children.
This is something many parents are able to do if their divorce was one in which feelings weren’t hurt, or when enough time has passed to allow both parents to heal. You need to be flexible and realize that neither of you are going to get 100% of the time with the children. Also, the holidays are stressful and it is important to have a little ‘me time’ whenever you can. It is important to understand that some of the traditions you enjoyed before the divorce may not be possible any more. It is challenging but very doable to let go of what happened in the past and focus on making the present as good as possible. Conflict and forgiveness coaches can help parents work on communication skills and letting go of resentments.

They should be reassured that it is okay to express whatever they are feeling, and that their feelings are normal and natural.  Family members should be prepared for such expressions of feelings from the children so they are not caught off guard. She was listed among the Top 50 Women Lawyers in Texas and rated one of the Best Women Lawyers in North Texas by D Magazine in 2010. Bradshaw is a member of the Texas Family Law Council legislative committee, the Texas Family Law Foundation, the State Bar of Texas Family Law Section, the Denton Bar Association and the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas.
We also provide litigation alternatives such as; collaborative law, mediation and arbitration. Your ex can seem particularly impossible to communicate with, and every conversation emotionally triggering.
Looking at these past patterns increases your conscious awareness and understanding of what’s fueling your intense responses.
Can you find a more benevolent interpretation of what they said, did, or want–even if you don’t think it’s true?
Both parents should be following the schedule from the Court or agree on one together so that the children get just as much time with both parents and their families as possible. However, you now get to create new traditions with your children and family that you will have for many years to come. Though they, of course, love their children, it may be a huge challenge to manage emotions and conflict with their ex in a way that helps their children move through the changes and feel loved and secure.
Such as, who they will see, where they will go, how long they will be there etc.  It is best to be honest about the plans whether the parent thinks the children will have a negative reaction or not because surprise is the worst thing for the children. Parents should do whatever is necessary to ensure that their children are not feeling the stress that has come from the parents no longer being together.
Therapists  can help with unresolved issues from your past that are intensifying the current situation. Dee Adio-Moses discussing this question.The telephone number for those that may want to call in is 347-215-7002.

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