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If it keeps splitting open from the weight of the sheltie walking on it, you can re-wrap it or try to keep it together using an Ultra Paws Wound Boot to protect it a bit longer. Read 169 Dog Housetraining Aids reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you. Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads use a leak-proof 5-ply Floor Armor system, protecting your home and making housebreaking to be much easier.
As a super absorbent Little Stinker Housebreaking Pad is New and Improved in a thinner design & greater absorbency! Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads are the ultimate absorbent pads to soak up your dog's messes before they spread.
Four Paws Wee-Wee Patch Indoor Potty is a housetraining aid that's great for indoor and outdoor use. With a durable tray, this Wee Wee Patch Indoor Potty features a corner spout for easy disposal of liquid waste. With no harsh chemicals in the ability to last up to a week or longer, this spray will teach your dog not to re-urinate in unwanted spots.
Four Paws Super Absorbent Wee Wee Pads feature double the protection of original Wee Wee Pads, for all day accident prevention.

The K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad provides warmth by radiating natural body heat back to your pet! This self warming crate pad is equipped with warm, comfortable micro fleece, while the bottom side has a non-slip fabric that allows your dog to comfortably stay put in one spot without slippage. The K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad provides warmth by radiating natural body heat back to your pet! It causes the hair between the pads to turn red (like the tear stains under white dogsa€™ eyes) and the smell of Fritos.
Wee-Wee Pads are 100% guaranteed to resist leakage and are perfect for handling your puppy's potty training. With advanced FlashDry technology, the pad instantly turns urine into a harmless gel that will not leak or spread.
This patch is perfect for training dogs and puppies and makes cleaning up after your dog both hygienic and efficient. Housebreaking Aid is formulated with a special blend of herbal extracts that prevent your dog from urinating again in a previously soiled area. The non-aerosol spray features a mild fresh herbal fragrance that ensures no unpleasant odors.

Designed for adult dogs, these pads lock in wetness and neutralize odors to keep your home protected. With four corners that are slit in order to allow a perfect fit in your pet crate, this warm, soft, comfortable crate pad is easy to wash and care for as well. They eventually become the workhorse of the dog body.Unfortunately, most people feel this means the pads never have any situations that they cannot handle. Either put the foot in a small basin and swish it around to loosen anything stuck in the pad, or get a syringe (without the needle!!) and fill with the washing solution.Then squirt that into the crevice or other area of injury.
Which makes me wonder whata€™s in Fritos that smells so much like a fungusa€¦ Dona€™t think I can ever eat them againa€¦.Anywaya€¦Easiest thing is to use an antifungal foot powder for humans. The larger surface are of the XL wee Wee Pads allow more room for your dog to their business without running the chance of missing and spoiling yor carpets or floors. The leak-proof backing keeps all moisture trapped inside the pad, preventing any harm coming to your floors or carpets.Wee-Wee Pads make cleanup and disposal easy, and fewer accidents mean less disciplining and faster training for your dog.

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