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If you have a dog that pees in the house, then you already know what a nightmare it can be. This is easily one of the most common problems we’re asked about, so we decided it would be a good idea to put together a comprehensive overview of the issue, and explain what you can do to overcome it. This problem can have several causes, such as submissive peeing after being reprimanded, incontinence (if you have an aging dog), or even territorial marking.
The first thing you need to rule out is whether your dog has a medical condition which is causing them to pee indoors (or at other inappropriate times). Medical problems can range from bladder infections, incontinence, and even a stomach upset or changes in diet. This is especially true if your dog used to be house trained, but is having more accidents lately. What’s more, they also have smaller bladders, so they need to be taken outside several times in the day, otherwise, they will have to to pee somewhere, and indoors will be their only choice!
You’ll then need to take them outside quickly, and wait with them until they begin to pee in the designated area. After this, you need to lavish them with praise and general positive reinforcement, so they will ultimately associate peeing outdoors with your warm approval.
If you don’t catch them before, then the next best thing you can do is catch them during the act. As they gradually learn that positive approval and praise comes when they pee outdoors – and a loud, startling clap comes when they pee indoors, they will soon learn which area they should pee in.
So whenever you take them outside to pee, you want to give them plenty of approval and praise.
Over the years, we’ve acquired several tips for discouraging a dog to pee indoors, but one of the most important tips we could ever share with you has to be the power of removing the scent of urine completely. A key thing to remember is that a dog is wired to not pee in their den, so ultimately, they really don’t want to pee in the house, either.
Enzyme cleaners should eradicate the scent entirely, whereas ammonia ones can still smell of urine to your dog’s evolved sense of smell.
Now, for best results, there’s also a few things you need to avoid doing, even if they seem like a good idea.
In summary, the true keys to success are catching them before  the act, catching them during the act, and taking them outside several times a day to pee – while heaping on the positive reinforcement when they do pee outside. While it can take some patience and discipline, we promise you that these techniques will work for the vast majority of the time – barring any medical issue. Close up on the birth notice before it went up on the easel at Buckingham Palace announcing the birth of the Princess of Cambridge! It seems like the press (specifically the Daily Mail) has had an interesting relationship with the Cambridges lately. Not fair - his weak, stupid son Willy Spencer-Middleton and his lazy wife have yet another fake heir the entire planet knows about. Hey cait ever notice it’s cheap, lazy and rather unattractive twats like you who have the worst boob jobs and the shittiest little brats on the planet? One of the many messages katemiddletons sends to those who don’t put up with her nonsense. You probably don’t need feminism because you envy and hate successful women and have no trouble going down on your needs to get your pin money, eh?

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As any dog owner knows, raising a puppy to become an adult comes with a certain set of problems. Often, you’ll see your dog circling around, sniffing the ground, or even cocking a leg to pee. If you do this 3 to 4 times a day, you should begin to see a change in their behavior in no time at all.
It isn't intended to replace advice from a qualified veterinarian or behaviorist - you should always consult a professional whenever you're worried about your dog's health. There has been a slew of press revolving around the unholy quadrangle of Prince Charles, Carole Middleton, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.
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According to TechInsider, this makes Paynea€™s video the most watched Facebook live post in history. I’ll get the ball rolling with a tip that every dog owner can use at some point, especially before the pets are house trained. Using a carabiner at the end of your dog’s leash will allow you to easily keep him in one place, as long as you have some sort of pillar to wrap it around.
You can use one of your older jeans, stuffed with clothes and whatever else you have soft around the house. To cool down your dog during the hot summers, give him an ice block that has his toys and some treats inside. If your dog falls between the seats whenever you stop the car abruptly, you can get a car cover in a hammock style to prevent that from happening. Small dogs can be kept inside your yard, and all that is needed is a harness that is specially built to prevent escapes.
So you can’t hold a grudge against your dog for peeing indoors, simply because your dog really doesn’t understand what the big deal is!
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