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We’ve seen and researched a lot of dog potties and believe us they are NOT all created equally. You’ll find a review of a few of our favorites (and some great deals and coupons) listed on the right . Read Our Porch Potty Review And Get 20% Off On Any Accessories You Buy When You Purchase A Porch Potty Click Here! Potty training a puppy or even an adult or older dog can be daunting and overwhelming this list is to help you get back to the basics and get on the right track! There are many types of crates from indestructible police K9 type crates to mesh crates (although I don’t recommend these for puppies or at the beginning of training).  There is something out there that will help you and your puppy become successful.
Routines make your job easier and help your new puppy get use to your lifestyle.  If he eats and drinks at about the same time each day, chances are he will urinate and defecate also at the same time each day! If you leave your puppy out for an hour or two…he will probably have to go potty again soon!  Just because you let him in 10 minutes ago doesn’t mean he went potty right before you let him in! Stop thinking that potty training is about your puppy!  Potty training is all about you and it is your responsibility when he is young to help him be successful.  Get him outside about every two hours, monitor him outside and when he is inside and be diligent! Sure, accidents happen but if you make it your goal to ensure his success you will both be happy in a short amount of time!
Good luck and as always reward your puppy for correct decisions and doing the right thing and have fun together!  Don’t focus on the mistakes, focus on the positives and moving together toward probably your first big goal! Go out with her, and read her signs, most sniff or wander a bit prior to squatting and meal feed.
So we just got a puppy today (8 weeks old) and he has only been outside with the breeder a few times when he got him.
He will figure it out and it will get better, but first shovel him a path and stop carrying him so that he has to learn to move with cold feet.
When he looks like he is going to do something in the House I immediately take him outside sometimes he doesn’t do anything and then a few minutes later he has peed again.
We just a 10 week oils Shia zu its been about 5 hours an no potty she ate food but drank no water she is playing & walking around should I be worried?
I have a 10 year old cocker spenial , this dog poop and pees only around where we sit outside and where my kids play.
My 5 month cocker spaniel is always put on leash and when we allow him to roam my he pees here and there. I have an 8 month old Australian Shepard Lab mix, I am beyond frustrated with potty training. 5 month old pup still not house broken he is crated during day taken out every two hrs until bedtime fed exact time everyday and constantly goes in the house we really are starting to get overwhelmed as to what to do next. The indoor dog potty from Doggy and the City is a resposible green product that uses recycled wood. The founder of Doggy and the City wanted to come up with an affordable dog potty option for people that lived in apartments and condos while still keeping in mind the need for a green solution as well. Dog Potty boxes are also known as an indoor dog potty, dog litter box, dog toilet, or pet potty. The Dog Potty box from Doggy and the City is the most affordable option available to dog owners that live in apartments, condos, or homes with no backyard. Our Large Dog Potty Box is perfect for dogs that weigh over 15 pounds as well as multiple dogs. How much to water your dog potty grass – Depending on how much sunlight you dog potty box determines how much you should water your dog grass.
Dog Grass Delivery Service – Depending on whether you have your grass delivered once a week or once every two weeks is a big component to how much you need to water your dog potty grass. All Doggy and the City dog potty grass is hand picked fresh on the day of delivery from local sod farms so you will have no difficulty keeping your dog grass fresh for your pet.
When deciding where to keep your dog potty it is important to take a look at a few different aspects of your living environment as well as the type of grass delivery service that you have purchased. If you are going to keep your dog potty box inside, you may want to purchase weekly grass delivery depending on the size of your dog and the frequency with which your dog uses the potty box rather than urinating on walks. The size and number of dogs using the dog potty box – You have to make sure that you choose the dog potty box that is sufficient enough for your particular situation.

Maintaining your dog potty grass – In order to keep your dog potty grass fresh for two weeks before your next delivery it is important that you water the grass a little each day to prevent the grass from drying out, How much to water you dog potty grass depends on how much sunlight that your dog potty box will be getting. Keeping your dog potty grass out of direct sunlight – It is important to keep your dog potty box and dog potty grass out of an area that get direct sunlight the majority of the day. When it comes to choosing the proper size dog potty box you should keep in mind that your dog needs enough space to move around and situate themselves or they will not use the dog potty as much as you would want. The Doggy and the City Large Dog Potty is ideal for one large dog or multiple small & medium sized dogs.
With natural dog grass you have a built in absorbant, the soil attached to the grass, that soaks up urine and keeps the smell down. Discover A Proven Way For Toilet Training With "Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty With PupGrass™.
PricingON BACKORDERBecause of health and safety issues, portable dog potty products are not always returnable. And the day we picked him up, it snowed…So he hates the snow, cause its cold, and will barely walk at all. Now the weather has changed (cold and wet) we are back to stage 1 again with her toileting inside. First, he wants to take off and chase anything that moves so I have to take him out on a leash cause I live in town and afraid he will get hit by a car when he runs out in the road.
By using the dog potty box you are cutting down on the use of chemical cleaners and expensive and wastful potty pads that just stink. Our Dog Grass service is the lowest price option and is much more convenient and cleaner than potty pads. The Regular Dog Potty Box is the perfect size for a balcony or patio because it is narrow and long ( 1ft 6in x 4ft 3in ). The Large Dog Potty Box is also used by people with very large dogs over 100 lbs.  The size of the Large Dog Potty Box ( 2ft 9in x 4ft 3in ) gives your dog plenty of space to do their thing.
You should take into account a few things to determine the best methods to maintain your dog potty grass. The majority of the Doggy and the City clients place their dog potty box on their outdoor balcony or patio and purchase bi-weekly dog grass service. These names include dog potty box, indoor dog potty, potty patch, pet a potty, pooch potty, and many others. There are many companies out there that sell a plastic version of a potty box for $39.99 with no warranty that they have made in China for pennies. Plastic or wood – Either of these are fine as long as the proper design has been done on the product. Call and ask questions – You should always call and ask particular questions regarding the dog potty box prior to your purchase.
If you have multiple dogs or a dog over twenty pounds you should purchase the large dog potty box in order to ensure that you have enough surface area for the amount of urine that will be distributed.
If you have to keep your dog potty box on a rooftop deck you may want to keep it under a basic patio umbrella. We have customers that use a large dog potty box for their Labrador, golden retriever, and German Shepard.
No drainage system in the world is going to stop urine residue from sitting on the plastic surface of your dog potty. When the urine soaks into the soil rather than sitting on the top of synthetic dog grass you have a much cleaner and healthier situation for your pet and your home. It is not going to be an inside dog, so very regularly we take it out of its crate put a leash on and take it outside to its toilet spot. I supervise him and take him out at regular intervals,( he does do his business outside) however he still thinks it’s also OK to pee and poo in the kitchen and living room.
I think I am trying to follow every rule praising him when he does it outside and showing I am cross when he does it inside. Second, he constantly whines CONSTANTLY, after he eats, after he goes outside, after he gets up from a nap, Constantly!
Please help he wants to run at me and play and will keep doing it even after a hour he keeps trying to play and when I turn my head after I sit for over a hour he goes!!!

Every two weeks Doggy and the City delivers fresh natural grass to you to replace your old dog grass.
Most of our clients that use this potty box own small breeds like Chihuahuas, Terriers, and other small dogs.
Below we have listed the most common factors in maintaining your Doggy and the City dog potty grass. We advise clients to use a kitchen glass of water and spread the water over the dog grass area evenly.
If you do not pick up dog poop in a timely manner you will begin to have problems with flies, and no one likes that, including your dog. If you are on the standard grass delivery service (Bi-weekly) you should definitely stay on top of the watering duties. We also have some customers that live in lofts that keep their dog potty inside their home because they do not have an outdoor patio. Basically they are all differnt version of a dog potty box that holds natural or synthetic dog grass.
They are not interested in the life of the dog potty box they are selling you they just want to move units. For boxes that are constructed from wood you must be sure that the bottom corners are sealed. This is a great way to get a feel of the company and hear it directly for the horses mouth.
If you have four small dogs using a large dog potty box then we would advise you to purchase weekly dog potty grass delivery, if you have two dogs on the large dog potty box we would advise the you purchase bi-weekly dog potty grass delivery. If your dog potty box and dog potty grass is exposed to direct sunlight most of the day you will have to purchase weekly dog potty grass delivery because it will dry out quickly.
With this being said it is necessary that you constantly clean the surface with an anti-bacterial cleaner that will also kill odor at the same time. The dog grass needs to be watered daily and kept in a place that doesn’t get constant direct sunlight to ensure that it stays fresh enough for a decent length of time. Obviously the amount of water depends on whether you have a Regular Dog Potty or a Large Dog Potty.
If not, you run the risk of having it leak if you water your dog grass too much or their is a light rain. It is important that a company representative be able to answer all your question and go into detail about the quality and construction of their product. If you want to keep things very clean and ensure the health of your dog and your home I would suggest that you cleanse the surface twice per week.  In a hot climate the smell can become quite strong in a small amount of time leading to flys as well.
The best part is that when you remove the grass you are removing the urine and the same time. The snow will be here to stay for a while now, and I obviously don’t want him doing his business inside.
Plastic dog potty boxes can sometimes be less sturdy due to the weaker plastic make up of the box. He sleeps inith my girlfriend and I AMD almost every morning he has pooped on the floor at least once.
So its not an accident but I would like her to only pee in her toilet spot and this is the only place I reward her.
Also poos, she wont go in the spot, but I know she needs to go, if I let her off the leash, she runs and finds another spot – question do I stop her and pick her up and return her to the toilet spot? I am happy to be patient and consistent but I also want to let her play – so if she always poos when play time starts – does that mean no play time until she works out to do it in her spot?

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