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Anyone else here have to make changes with potty training due to the colder weather and rain? When it is Spring and Summer, our dogs used the doggie door to go outside and we never had to use potty pads. I also wonder if I'm adding to confusion if we adopt potty pads during the winter months and no potty pads in the warmer months of the year? It doesn't get frightfully cold here, but my dogs hate to go out in the rain, or if it rained recently. Potty bell training can be a fabulous skill for dogs to learn, but it has to be done correctly. Some dogs are afraid of the bells and are hesitant to touch them hard enough to make them ring either with their paws or nose. Potty bells can be great communication aids for dogs and their people, but tend to go wrong if the dog is allowed to learn that potty bell = fun play time, whenever I want!

They keep missing the pads and it's getting to be a pain to have to wash the floors everyday. I sooo wish I could get mine to do both, but I feel I'm just not home enough to retrain them. Hedy (malteseobsession) actually had a post a while back where she had pictures of what she did, they stack the pads in the holders, then when theres a spot of pee instead of throwing out the whole pad, they cut out the pee spot, may have to resituate the pads , but continue using until you have cut it to pieces. The first step in potty bell training your dog is teaching your dog that outside the home is the place to eliminate.
Funny how finicky the malteses are, but in a way maybe it's good they don't like the rain or the wet grass, keeps them cleaner I suppose.
For tips on how to potty train your dog, check out this article I wrote for Karen Pryor Clicker Training a few years ago, How to Potty Train Your Puppy the Clicker Way. Here is the biggest rule of potty bell training – ringing the potty bell means you are going outside, on your leash, for a potty break, and that’s it!

I'm thinking of going back to putting them in their crate to sleep and taking them out with their jackets first thing in the morning. If your dog rings the bell, you should automatically leash up, take her out to the designated potty spot, and wait. If she does not go to the bathroom within five or ten minutes, bring her back in the house.
In hotels we put a pee pad in the bathroom but notice he waits for his walks outside almost entirely. Mine will poop on pad in bathroom & then immediately after, run to hall bathroom to pee.

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