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We thank Gabrielle Linden for sharing her new facebook link to encourage our mini pig population, most of which reside indoors, to try the Piddle Place for mini pigs    We spend so much time here self absorbed with dogs that we forgot there is a mini pig population out there waiting to squeal ! In speaking with Gabrielle and other pot belly pig owners we learned that these little guys are not just extremely bright, but very clean.
The process of housebreaking often brings on feelings of nervousness and worry, but the process does not have to be stressful—for you or the puppy. The truth is this is a situation in which you have Mother Nature working with you right from the start while puppy training.
Another built-in plus when it comes to housebreaking is our puppy’s digestive tract, which is extremely quick and efficient. In the early days of housebreaking, you also want to make sure the puppy has a place to relieve herself where she feels safe; a place that seems and smells familiar. Once your puppy has successfully gone outside, it is important to reward the good behavior. Don’t punish your puppy for an accident or do anything to create a negative association with her bodily functions.
Done correctly, housebreaking should not be a turbulent production but just a matter of putting a little extra work into getting your puppy on a schedule during the first weeks after she arrives at your home.
I grabbed her leash, but Instead of walking her outside, I walked her out to the balcony dog potty. I went back to the pet store to purchase some de-naturized dog urine to encourage, Elzalina, but the shop owner suggested I go to the doggy day care center with a paper towel and zip lock, and use the real thing. I realized that when Elzalina was on the leash she kept looking at me, so I took off the leash, and just let her out on the balcony by herself with encouraging words like “go potty”, since that is what Teresa always said when she walked her. She also suggested placing dried leaves and a bit of dirt on the toilet just for initial training to make Elzalina feel like she was outside. We were quite excited about the move, but mom was used to living in a single level home with a fenced backyard.
In speaking with the director of the facility, we were told mom could bring Tinker as long as she could care for her. We then picked up the turf, and placed the base unit under the turf as it is intended to use. Mom and Tinker are both delighted to have remained together, and my brother and I know we did the right thing. Over the years we have noticed the number one reason people abandon and euthanize their pets is do to housebreaking issues.
While there at thousands of dog toilet training sites you can visit to offer expertise on housebreaking, ours is very different, as we include the option of an indoor dog toilet as part of our training. Dad did not like the idea of an indoor dog toilet until we moved to this wonderful apartment in Minnesota. We found this chart useful from thousands of reviewers that offered insight of what was the best indoor dog toilet. Users enjoyed the fact that the pet waste collected in a bottom chamber away form their pet.

Dog marking in the house may also be considered a housebreaking puppy issue with many pet owners.
Breaking bad habits can be a challenge, but in the long run it will make life more comfortable for you and your dog.  We suggest that you make sure your issue is not related to a health issue such as a bladder infection before you start to work with your dog.
The GSD's high intelligence, strong athletic physique and silky smooth movement has seen the breed excel at all kinds of duties. Unfortunately the quick growth in popularity of the German Shepherd has led to dogs of widely varying temperaments. To give yourself every chance of bringing a well balanced, good natured GSD into your life it's imperative to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder. The other factors which will come into play when shaping the temperament and character of your dog are your ability to provide proper puppy socialization and German Shepherd training. As stated above, a reputable German Shepherd Breeder is real asset when finding your lifelong friend. Some problems you should at least be aware of are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and shoulder problems.
German Shepherds grow to be big, strong dogs who can be fairly stubborn and will display dominance if allowed to get away with it. German Shepherds love the challenge and mental stimulation they receive from obedience training.
When the puppies are first born, they eat and they relieve themselves inside the den, but the mother always cleans them. From two to four months of age, most pups pick up on the concept of housebreaking and crate training quite easily since it is part of their natural programming. Have you noticed how dogs will often eliminate in the very same spot they’ve done so before?
If you are feeling nervous or impatient or are trying to rush a puppy to relieve herself, that can also stress her out. It is important to remain consistent throughout the process so your puppy can learn the habit.
It doesn’t have to be a big, loud celebration, but a simple quiet approval or a treat can get the message across of a job well done.
Stay calm and assertive and quietly remove the puppy to the place where you want him to go. Don’t let unnecessary stress over this very natural, uncomplicated process taint any of the joy surrounding the puppy training process and your new dog’s puppyhood.
We can thank Captain Max Von Stephanitz for developing this fantastic breed, which has spread to all parts of the globe in recent years. German Shepherds are trained and considered invaluable in such jobs as seeing eye dogs, police work, search and rescue, herding, protection, bomb and drug detection and as guard dogs. When provided adequate puppy socialization, regular exercise and some specific German Shepherd training they make brilliant household companions.
The breed is intelligent, observant, self assured, loyal, courageous, protective and eager to please.

Your German Shepherd Puppy will need to be exposed to all types of people, dogs, animals and experiences during the socialization period. With good management and responsible breeding many of these ailments have been eliminated or reduced. GSD's are also prone to bloat (gastric torsion), degeneration of the spinal cord, haemophilia and numerous skin allergies.
They require a firm, consistent and always fair leader to guide them, and set them up for success. From German Shepherd potty training right through to advanced obedience training your GSD will prove to be a great student. Alternatively you can discover all the latest german shepherd training techniques in this comprehensive training resource - Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer. So with a consistent eating schedule, and your attention to the clock, your puppy can maintain regular trips outside. Using a loud, high squeaky tone to encourage your puppy to “go potty” is a distraction to the dog, so try and avoid any conversation at all.
With dog toilet training, Like with any language barrier, we must find a way to communicate. The German Shepherd has proven to be the most versatile of all dog breeds, they are basically good at just about anything!
They also relish activities which stimulate their acute senses such as tracking, agility, flyball, endurance work, schutzhund and German Shepherd obedience training. This process should be started by your dog's breeder and then continued on when your young pup arrives home. It's also important to keep your German Shepherd's teeth and gums healthy - especially as they get older. German Shepherd training provides the ideal constructive outlet for all of your GSD's energy and focus. You'll find that time spent training your German Shepherd is the prime time where you will build and strengthen a strong lifelong bond with your dog. This course is a very suitable choice for all of your German Shepherd care and training information. They are happiest when included in all family activities like swimming, running, playing, walking through the forest or even just lazing on the couch.
German Shepherd training establishes the boundaries which will help your dog to be a reliable and well respected member of society.
German Shepherds are well known and much loved for the close bond they share with their family (for this reason separation anxiety can sometimes be a concern).

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