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When Netflix first got into the streaming video business, it went to movie studios and TV networks and bought whatever they were selling. Netflix might still end up with some Viacom content, Hastings explained, but he only wants to buy particular shows from the cable giant. But Hastings doesn’t care enough about Dora to buy shows about Kristin Cavallari, too.
Hollywood has enjoyed a very nice run for the last few years, where it could essentially take any old TV show or movie that it couldn’t sell anywhere else, and unload it on Hastings. When Amazon joined Netflix in the digital streaming business, things got even better for studios, because they could sell the same shows to everyone.

But individual content owners who used to be able to unload anything, at any price, may find their pool of buyers is shrinking. When AllThingsD began, we told readers we were aiming to present a fusion of new-media timeliness and energy with old-media standards for quality and ethics.
Crtana serija Dora istraA?uje nastala je 1999 godine kao pilot crtani, a od 2000 redovno je na televiziji.
Kad A?elite odmoriti od igrica posjetite Dora chat, mjesto rezervirano samo za ljubitelje Dore i njenih prijatelja. I asked the cable network for a response to Hastings’s letter a few minutes after he published it, and they had a statement in my inbox nine minutes later.

But now that the Amazon and Netflix catalogs look so similar, both services have started trying to distinguish themselves, just like HBO and Showtime. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
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