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The Dora 3 in 1 Potty Trainer comes with stickers so your child can really make it her own Dora potty!Dora the Explorer Potty Chair - 3 in 1 Benefits: Multi Functional Potty with 3 different functions: potty chair, potty seat and step stool all in one! Expert tips on potty training boys: standing or sitting, Expert tips on potty training boys: standing or sitting? Maybe using targets inside of the toilet for your little one to aim at, this usually keeps their attention to be focused on a specific goal rather than aiming on the floor. Potty Seat for round or elongated seat, this Cars potty seat is detachable and easy to clean. Varroooomm !!Multi Function Potty Chair like this one are a helpful tool to have while going through the potty training process!
This Disney Cars Potty Chair converts from a potty chair to a soft potty seat (Check out all of our Soft Potty Seats) and step stool (Don't forget to check out all of our Step Stools).

Dora is her idol and, although it cost me a fair bit to get to Australia, the potty has produced the desired results - what a relief! Wouldn't buy this one Disappointed (Aug 24, 2011) Reviewer: Jackie Rogers The chair is cute, but the pee goes all over the floor under the rim, you really have a mess to clean up after they use it. HORRIBLE!!!
She loves to go potty again, even likes to poop it in the real toilet and flush, and also uses it to stand on. If the deflector shield was part of the catch basin and not the "tire" cushion seat it would do the trick.
The only con is it does slide on our hardwood floors (she's 25 lbs) so I've asked my husband to put some backing on it. Perfect!
Sad part is my son thought it was the coolest potty ever and refuses to use any other potty! An Ok Potty Chair by Aidan's mom (Feb 17, 2011) Reviewer: Emily This potty chair is really comfy and the perfect height.

But the soft removable ring is a problem, every time he goes urine collects between the ring and the seat and leaks all over the bathroom! I have started putting toilet paper around the rim to help and it has helped some but still is in uncomfortable.
After having this one in her room for half an hour she immediately began to announce that she had to go and has learned within the 4 days that we have had it.

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