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Whether you are taking off somewhere warmer for the Holidays, or just making a trip down to visit Grandma, we know that travelling with kids over the Christmas break can be a real challenge. The Noblo – a durable, thick bag that you fill up with sand, and attach it to your beach umbrella using the attached velcro straps. Sand Gone –  When you’re on vacation, they last thing you want to do is spend the week sleeping in a sand filled bed.
I always remember as a kid that my favourite gifts to open on Christmas morning were the ones out of my stocking. Why not give the gift that keeps on growing with this Grow your Own Mushroom Kit from Back to the Roots. Kids can watch gourmet oyster mushrooms grow right out of the box that can be eaten in just 10 days. Kids love to be creative, and make art, and sometimes that creativity ends up all over their face. Who can forget the endless hours spent outside with the neighbourhood kids taking turns on the local tree swing.
Now that you have all those weirdly shaped stocking stuffers of all different sizes, how are you going to wrap them? We know how difficult it can be to find unique Christmas gifts for the kids while juggling everything else during the Holiday season. Mustachifer‘s are 100% BPA free pacifiersthat exceeds all US and EU safety standards, and features an orthodontic silicone nipple design. Whether you are taking a drive to grandma’s house this thanksgiving, or planning a beach vacation over Christmas, travelling with kids can be difficult.
We want to share with you some helpful products to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.
I can’t tell you how many times I have thought they should make motorized carry-on luggage that you can just ride around the airport.
Traveling with potty training kids or ones that tend to “hold it” until the last second? Traveling with a potty training child means bringing a waterproof bedsheet a really smart idea. Whoever thought up a UV protection hat that looks like a baseball cap, and can go in the water – was a genius! For anyone who’s ever watched their child cover their sibling from head to toe in sand, Sand Gone is the answer.

And there you have it – what we brought on our vacation to Atlantis in Paradise Island, the Bahamas.
As much as you want to hold onto your little ones they tend to grow up They start to walk and talk and grow out of anything and everything.
As your child grows up they are going to want to have more of a say in …well everything! Before you know it your little one will be off to school and you will want to remember when they were just a baby in your arms.
Bobbing for Apples is an old favourite, but I was always a little grossed out by the communal water bucket.
Have all the kids sort out their candy and group the ones that they don’t like, or the ones they would prefer to trade. Bacteria, mould, fungi and other micro-organisms live on the surface of pumpkins, and cause them to decay over time.
For best results spray your pumpkin daily with the bleach mixture to prevent bacteria from growing. No we are not suggesting that you give your pumpkin a bubble bath, but if you want to prevent your pumpkin from shrivelling and drying out you can submerge your pumpkin for a couple of hours to rehydrate it.
The heat given off from candles can essentially cook the inside of the pumpkin causing it to become soft and decay. Just like any fruit or vegetable you can prolong the life of your pumpkin by keeping it cool.
As different computers display colors differently ,the color of the actual item may vary slightly from    the images ,thanks for your understanding. If you are heading to a beach destination over the Holidays you should definitely view the full post. Sheet Waterproof Kids Sleeping Bag Liner- is perfect for when your child is sleeping away from home. This safe, sustainable and ultra-portable light provides up to 15 hours of LED light and can easily be recharged in the sun, ideal for recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light.
Chalktrail attaches to the back wheel of a bike and creates a chalk marking as you ride your bike. It is the first mobile DJ mixer that fits in any pocket and functions entirely without Batteries, or electrical hook-up.

Sheet Waterproof  Kids Sleeping Bag Liner is  perfect for when your child is sleeping away from home. Unfortunately this may be a bit of a pipe dream, but there is something pretty darn close for kids.
You can use markers, or create mouth, eye ears etc, cut-outs and have them stick them on the pumpkin. Sheet is to help you during through those tough potty training messes, but we know that those aren’t the only messes that come with children!
Undies to help make potty training a breeze, but we know it’s hard to get your little one excited to use the bathroom.
Their products are made with out chemicals, preservatives, or colour additives so you can ensure that your little one can be safe while having fun.
LURE™ cups are safe and effective, natural, affordable and offer a non-invasive way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of cellulite, detox, relieve headaches, muscle pain, sinus pressure, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, contour, tone & firm skin, boost collagen, reduce stress and so much more. Kids use the included pieces to build a roller coaster that attaches to the wall using, non damaging Coaster Tack. The great thing is that Chalktrail doesn’t require any tools to install, and can be put on any size bike, or scooter quickly and easily, even by a child.
It can connect to anything that has a headphone jack. Simply plug in two players, plug the output into stereo equipment, and you are ready for the party! To contain that level of urination, we would have needed to create elastic leg bands and added bulky padding similar to a diaper.
I am sure many of you have made the trek to the pumpkin patch, or gone to your local grocery store and gotten your kids a pumpkin.
You can do this by wiping down the pumpkin with a mixture of water and bleach, or using a household cleaner that contains bleach. The brand also carries ChafeStop that is great for anyone who suffers from chafing and heat rash, perfect for athletes, babies, pregnant women, etc. These are meant for a child who has potty trained to the stage where they are not full flow urinating.While this product is not meant to be used as a diaper it is a great underwear for potty training.

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