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Potty Scotty is anatomically correct, this is important because you wan to give your son as realistic of an experience as possible. When you purchase this Potty Scotty Doll you also receive the Doll, 2 bottles for Potty Scotty, and 3 doll training pants. I know many other parents of children on the spectrum deal with a lot of frustration when it comes to potty training, and I wanted to let you know your site should mention the doll's usefulness for those who need visual prompting. Stephanie Thompson (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I trained my son using this method when he was 2 years, 2 months.
I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because if you put the legs in the sitting position and then squeeze one leg it is supposed to "pee". Help other customers find the most helpful revie (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Potty Scotty is a bit messy, hard to empty, and difficult to dress and undress.
She has blue eyes that close when she is put down for a nap or at bedtime, just like a real baby. I ordered the doll and received it in less than a week; one week after that, my son was successfully using the toilet. I actually read a review by a parent who had complained the doll was "too lifelike," and that's actually why I ordered it!

But my son really wanted him, so we counted down the days until a "big day," and got potty Scotty as a gift that day to jumpstart potty training. And because she is anatomically correct, Emma is also a great companion while your child learns about potty training. He is wearing a diaper, but if you follow the Potty Training in One Day Guide it says to remove and replace the diaper with "big boy" training pants. Seeing the doll was the "a-ha" moment he needed, and for almost a month, he has been doing wonderfully, even during school. He took a bit longer to learn to go poopoo at first, until I realized that HE thought he was "making messies" if he went in the toilet. It went perfectly, with pretty much instant success, after months of resistance before then. Emma can wear any 14-inch Mon Classique baby doll fashion and fits comfortably in any Mon Classique Nursery accessory (each sold separately), all of which are inspired by those for real babies. These doll training pants are like the child's potty training pants (which can be purchased separately).
I solved this by taking him around the house and showing him that the dishes go in the cupboard, clothes in the closet, toys in the toy box and poopoo in the toilet.
I think, however, because he is three (on the older side of potty training age) and a somewhat intelligent child, he immediately figured out how to make the doll go potty (literally within 5 seconds), and just became fascinated by the cause and effect of squeezing the dolls leg.

The book gave us some very helpful information about how to tell when your child is ready with social, emotional, physical and cognitive indicators. I'm sure different techniques work for different kids, and proper timing is a big factor, but Potty Scotty definitely made our potty training process easier. When you’ve gone five or six times, we’ll give you a potty party too!But yours will be better! The additional training pants are to change the doll when he has an accident on the Big Day. The 1 Day Method builds on the concepts that we learn best by example, that we learn when we "teach" others and that potty training principles naturally work with rewards and consequences.
One 14-inch Corolle Mon Classique Emma Drink & Wet Bath Baby Doll with potty, feeding bottle and pacifier.
It's been a week since his party and he's completely potty trained, and still plays with the doll. He is nonverbal, and while we were trying to use pictures and books to give him visual prompts, nothing seemed to "click"--he just wasn't understanding what we wanted him to do when he was sitting on the toilet.

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