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It's possible to recover a liquid submerged iPhone but a few things have to go exactly right and timing is everything. It's very possible to recover a liquid submerged iPhone and bring it back to its full glory.
The following is a true story about how a reader completely submerged his iPhone 4 in a sink and returned it to its original glory.
5) Option: If you don't have a hardware store that's drivable (or you're at home) use the rice trick. 6) Purchase some DampRid, a commercial desiccant that removes moisture from the air (like the little packets of silica that come in the box with a new pair of leather shoes). Apple’s iPhone 6, just two days old, set a company record with upwards of 4 million pre-orders—though some early birds are simply flushing money down the toilet.
We all had a good laugh at the Australian teen who dropped his new iPhone on live TV, but that’s nothing compared to the ignominy of having lost it to the commode. Idk which is worst, the guy who dropped his iPhone 6 or me dropping phone in the toilet while it's flushing. Summary of my wife's first day with her iPhone 6: my daughter hasn't put it in the toilet yet. Other people seem to be dropping old phones in the toilet on purpose, just so they’ll have an excuse to shell out a few hundred bucks for a newer model.

Prisons use algorithms to predict recidivism, but the code is biased against black offenders. Grab some of the food storage solutions, and you’ll save even more money when less food is put to waste. Here's how to rescue your iPhone from an unintended liquid submersion (sometimes called the "toilet baptism").
This may be a challenge without your iPhone, but a local hardware store is your best friend right now. DampRid is your best friend in times like this and is probably three to four times more effective than rice.
Don't keep it on your car's dashboard in direct sunlight or anything crazy, but keeping it in a warm-to-hot car is fine.
There's no guarantee that it will come back to life, but if you a) recovered it fast enough, b) turned it off in time and c) got it into a desiccant within the first 10 minutes or so, your odds are fairly good that your iPhone will come back to life -- good as new. Another time I did this my iPhone worked fine except for the microphone, but that too came back to life about 24 hours later. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. Such an accident confirms the dirty truth we try not to think about: that everyone surfs the Web while shitting.

It comes in many form factors and I recommend the Sachet (FG40) version which costs around $5 for a twin-pack. Make a pact that no Twitter or Facebook update is so important that you need to be using your phone in the loo.
Seconds count here and depending on how fast you recovered it from the water, the touchscreen may or may not work. It doesn't hurt to throw your iPhone into rice while driving to the hardware store to get DampRid. This is also a good time to remember that purchasing a non-subsidized replacement iPhone costs between $500 and $700.
If you can't turn it off chances are that the water will soon cross a critical connection and short the device, meaning certain death.
If you can turn it off, congratulations you went from a zero percent chance of recovery to a 50 percent chance of recovery.

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