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When Mrs B was pregnant she used it as a perfect excuse to have me do some more household chores. I had a really bad tummy ache after a night out recently and so went to Boots for some Tums to ease the pain but they had none. Cleaning the toilet is one of those household tasks which is not particularly pleasant but is a necessity.
Toilet Duck is a toilet bleach that has 99.99% germ kill ability so its something I definitely like to use in my toilet. I am fastidious about cleaning the toilet bowl in fact its probably one of the cleanest places in my flat!
Toilet duck is a well known brand of toilet cleaner with very recognisable adverts involving a duck!
I live in a hard water area and although I clean my toilet several times a week I noticed that it had started to cake with limescale both above and below the water line. I have experimented with a few of the supermarkets own brand toilet cleaners and was not finding these effective enough so thought I would try out one of the reasonably priced branded cleaners. Its unique angled neck allows the product to reach right up under the toilet rim and is safe to use with septic tanks. We are your friendly neighborhood pharmacy with the best prices on all your favorite products. Toilet Duck Blue Plus Fragrance bathroom and toilet cleaner is specially formulated to cut your cleaning time and help you enjoy a hygienic bathroom with less effort.
This information is supplied to assist our customers to select suitable products however products and their ingredients are liable to change at short notice. I do try my best to find excuses or to procrastinate but one of the jobs which I Have found myself having to do more and more is the cleaning of our toilets and thanks to Duck this task has been made to be a bit easier although still not at all enjoyable (will there ever be a toilet cleaner which makes this task enjoyable? Gone are the days when you had to pull on a pair of 'Marigolds' and get stuck in with a sponge and scrubbing brush. What's more, its got the most inventive shape bottle I have ever seen but one that is very handy and works very well. As well as the toilet duck toilet cleaner the brand also make fresh disks (deposit these on the side of the toilet instead of a rim block), fresh brush (a disposable toilet brush) and rim blockToilet duck 3 in 1 active comes in a 750ml bottle with a curved head, this allows you to squirt the liquid under the rim of the toilet for maximum cleaning. This did not appear to be too thick so I decided that the next time I replaced my toilet cleaner I would look for one, which claimed to remove limescale too.When it comes to buying toilet cleaner I am not particularly loyal to any brand and usually just opt for whatever is on offer or relatively cheap.
Hang frames without hassle when you use the Command Wire-Backed Picture Hanging Hooks, a damage-free solution for decorating your home or office. It then caught my eye that they also have a small homeware range, and spotted a bottle of Duck Toilet Cleaner for ?1.
Now there are all kinds of blocks and gels to keep the bowl sparkling clean (or so they claim). With three people now using the toilets in our house including a little girl who has just been potty trained, our toilets get rather dirty and so need bleach down them almost every day and if not every other day.Toilet Duck is an SC Johnson product and has a neck that is shaped like the neck of a duck, it's really cool to look at actually because it really does look like a bent ducks neck, hence the name obviously. The lid on the bottle is child safe, meaning you have to squeeze and turn it to open the bottle.
As I was looking for something that would remove limescale I was paying a little more attention to the product claims than I would normally would.
My bottle of Harpic at home was finished, and I do love a nice smelling loo so it seemed a no-brainer for me to definitely purchase it!
Under the rim, though, can still be a harbinger of germs and other things of an unpleasant nature, and getting that part of the bowl clean can still require some dexterity. On the front of the bottle it tells you that it removes limescale, freshens and cleans above and below the water line. I spotted a couple that claimed to remove limescale and purely because it was the cheapest I opted for the toilet duck Ocean force variety.The toilet cleaner comes housed in a white plastic bottle with a picture of a duck on the front floating in a wave, which is deep turquoise in colour. This is where Toilet Duck is so useful.Containers of bleach come in all shapes and sizes, the majority of which need to be tipped upside down to get the bleach out. I have only ever bought the green version.The toilet duck liquid is quite thick, thicker than normal bleach and brightly coloured green (I'm assuming the other flavours are different colours). I would have personally opted for this one which is in the orange bottle, however I only had the choice of pine (green) or the marine scent which is the blue bottle.
Now this neck isn't shaped like this just so they could name the product after a bird you're likely to throw bread at, it's shaped in this way as it makes applying the cleaner easier as the angle means that the liquid will flow easily and you will be able to angle it into the corners around your toilet bowl so that previously hard to reach areas are now easy!The bottle comes in different colours depending upon which 'flavour' you go for and this is the one which I picked up as Mrs B didn't want anything 'floral'. It has a unique swirly neck to the bottle which is reminiscent of a duck and the cap lid is like a beak.
This, as I'm sure you are aware, makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to use it to clean under the toilet rim. With its uniquely shaped neck that reaches right under the rim, Duck liquid provides complete hygiene for your toilet, leaving it clean and fresh.I have toilet duck in the citrus fresh smell which comes in a yellow coloured bottle.
I thought marine would have been the best choice as I assumed it would have quite a light, airy scent to it, and I did not quite fancy the smell of trees around my bathroom!

This bottle is a solid blue in colour, opaque so you can't tell how low you are getting except based on weight and has a red lid.
The cap is child proof which is good so requires a lot of arm grease to get it going and my daughter can't play with it without me knowing!*** what it does *** Kills 99.9% bacteria Removes limescale and stains Effective cleaning and cleans above the rim*** My opinion *** The Duck toilet cleaner is a light green thick liquid and the bottle has a narrow pointed spout at the top for easy application around the rim of the toilet bowl which is ideal for me!
Toilet Duck, however, has an ingeniously-shaped neck to the container which deposits the bleach exactly where you want it, making cleaning the toilet both easy and effective.Toilet Duck is made by the SC Johnson company who have been in business since 1886. It's a really nice fresh smell actually and much better than regular bleach that just smells quite harsh and like a cleaning product.
To use the toilet duck you just undo the lid and squirt the toilet duck under the rim of the toilet. The toilet duck range looks a little different to the other products on the market due to its unique neck which has an additional bend in it which makes it easier to get the product into those hard to reach areas such as under the rim.
It is fantastic that there is a variety available as you can choose the best one for your needs.The packaging has changed ever so slightly and it has become a little more modern. Using the cleaner.Well this was a challenge for me at first as I couldn't even take the lid off which proved to be rather frustrating! I tend to use it last thing at night so it has time to soak around the rim and in the morning the bowl looks much cleaner, and the loo smells fresher!
It was originally a parquet flooring company and the owners soon realized that they needed to manufacture a wax for the flooring, and so started the process of producing cleaning products.
You can either leave it in the toilet for a few hours to clean it or you can scrub it straight away. I personally think the neck adds a certain 'cuteness' to the bottle as to me it resembles a duck craning its neck to look at me.
One of the main selling points is obviously the fact that it is branded to be a 'duck' shaped bottle to match the name of the product. In terms of cleaning I was a bit disappointed with this as one night I did leave it to soak and the next morning it did still leave a mark from where my daughter had done a no.2 during the night (sorry for the gross info!). The reason that Toilet Duck is so-called is because of the neck of the container which does bear a remarkable, if simplified, resemblance to the neck and head of a duck.It comes in just one size ( 750ml) but there are three 'fragrances' to choose from - Marine, Citrus and Pine Fresh. With normal bottles of bleach I find I am always reaching over the toilet bowl in a funny position to try and get the liquid to actually attach to the top of the rim but it always seems to pour down the sides rather quickly and never goes where I want it to go. I find the toilet duck is very effective at cleaning and I only need to clean my toilet every so often as it stays clean. Although I do have to slightly admit that this did sell it to me a little, the unusual neck on this bottle proves quite effective when using the toilet cleaner.One thing to note is that the lid comes off really easily, which I find more useful for me as I had difficulties with some of my others when undoing them. The lid has little lines all around it though to 'grip' onto but these lines are actually quite deep so they cut into my fingers whilst I was trying to squeeze and turn! I scrubbed over and over with a toilet brush but it wouldn't budge so I literally had to get on hands and knees and use bleach and to get it to go! With toilet duck the nozzle already is upwards when you are holding the bottle normally so you just have to position it under the rim and squirt and it gets to exactly where you need it to go, it's great. Toilet duck clams to offer 4 in 1 protection for your toilet by removing 99.99% of germs, removing limescale, freshens and cleans above and below the waterline.
This is important to take note of if you have children though as it could be a little unsafe. It wasn't easy and Mrs B has also complained about this before so it is definitely a bit of design flaw although at least we know it's child proof!You tip the bottle upside down and squirt it around the bowl of your toilet. It doesn't leave the loo gleaming and shiny as expected but it does seem reasonably clean.To be honest I prefer to use this product for the scent more and for this the smell is long lasting and very refreshing. The container is mainly blue and white with a yellow 'beak' - the latest design shows a picture of blue swirling and bubbling water upon which is superimposed an image of a white duck with its head at a very unusual angle. On the back of the bottle it recommends leaving it for 60 seconds before rinsing but I tend to leave mine for a couple of minutes and this has done no harm. The lid itself us easy enough to open despite the fact that it requires some squeezing and then twisting, presumably to make it less easy for children to open it. The liquid itself pours out extremely quickly as soon as you turn the bottle upside down so be prepared for that.
This was easy to do with one hand and I barely had to squeeze at all for the liquid to squirt out. The label tells you that it kills 99.99% of germs, removes limescale, freshens and also cleans above and below the waterline.
I often find that lids such as this are often adult proof too as I tend to struggle to open them! It comes out in quite a thin line which is good as it is accurate with where it lands instead of spraying out widely around. However in this case I was pleased to that this was not the case and I was able to open this bottle without too much effort.
This meant I could aim it where I wanted to and the unique shape of the neck meant it was easy to do so.

Once opened I squirted some of this under the toilet rim, around the bowl and below the water line. I didn't have to twist around into awkward positions to get the liquid right up into the corners because the bottle is shaped to do that awkward twisting for me!When this hits the side of the toilet it does start to drip down quite quickly and soon covers the sides of the toilet all around. I then used a brush to scrub around the bowl and above and below the waterline, paying particular attention to the areas covered with limescale, ensuring they were adequately covered with the product. I leave it an hour (sometimes longer) - the bowl's still covered with the Toilet Duck even after that length of time - and then a quick brush and flush and the job's done. The cleaner itself is a deep blue colour, which fits in with the ocean theme, and one that I found extremely pretty. You leave it for a few minutes and then can scrub it to help remove limescale or can just flush it away.The after effectThe important thing to note with this cleaner is that it DOES clean and it does do it well, however, the smell of it lingers around for quite some time (as in well over 24 hours) which is a bit extreme. We do get a lot of limescale because of our water, and I find that Toilet Duck doesn't prevent it all building up (I still have to use a proprietary limescale remover) but it does cut it down a lot.The downside is the smell.
It had quite a strong smell - quite chemical like, rather like disinfectant and not what I would call particularly ocean like.
The bottle is oblong in shape with a bended nozzle that you can easily fit under the rim of the toilet bowel. Following the instructions on the bottle I left this to work for just over an hour before flushing. The actual specific smell I cannot describe as it isn't like anything I've come across before, it isn't offensive but it certainly is something that you can't just walk past and not notice. Just before flushing though I did use a brush to scrub the areas affected by limescale again to try and get these to come off. It is rather over the top so I think if they altered the smell behind this it would make it less dramatic which is what is needed. It's nice that the house smells like you have been cleaning but this is an aroma which should be kept in the bathroom and so when it floats around the rest of your house it's not very nice.The toilet itself though looks very clean. It also left my toilet smelling quite fresh and not as chemical like as it did prior to flushing. It does remove bacteria and limescale is taken away although I have found that it won't remove it fully unless you have a good scrub as well, it can't do all the hard work for you unfortunately. ConclusionThe cleaning of the toilet is not something that I enjoy doing but at least with this product it makes it easier. I don't have a microscope but the cleanliness of the toilet along with the claims that this product kills 99.99% of germs is reassuring. The shape of the neck of this bottle makes it easy to direct the cleaner up in the hard to reach parts of the toilet which definitely makes my life easier.
However I was quite disappointed to notice that this hadn't made the slightest bit of difference to the limescale. I thought that perhaps with repeated use the limescale would be removed but despite using this three times a week and scrubbing quite intensely the cleaner did not make a blind bit of difference to the limescale. I like that you don't have to leave it very long on the toilet at all, just a few minutes and then you can wash it away.What is annoying about this though is the smell.
I have since found another cleaner that worked it's magic in just a couple of uses and I should be reviewing this in due course. It does linger on for around 24 hours and floats around the whole house which I don't like, I don't like to be able to smell something associated with the bathroom whilst I'm in the kitchen or whilst I'm trying to sleep at night. Overall I was pleased with the toilet ducks cleaning abilities and it did leave my toilet gleaming so as a cleaner in itself I would have no hesitations in recommending. However I had specifically bought this product for its limescale removing claims and in this respect I was left quite disappointed.
I can only give it 4 stars though as the smell is definitely not something which I enjoy!Available from supermarkets and other stores for around ?1.80. However, I do sometimes just spritz toilet duck into the bowl without the cleaning and scrubbing element in order to get the lovely fresh smell.
I personally don't keep a toilet brush in the house as I worry they might gather germs over time. I simply sprizs toilet duck under the rim and get under there with a pair of rubber gloves, a cloth and a strategically placed finger to run round the rim of the bowl a few times. If you enjoy the smell of pine freshness and want a a toilet cleaner at a reasonable price give Toilet duck fresh a go.

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