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There are many methods and philosophies out there on how to potty train, and they range from promising a diaper-free baby in a few days to letting the process be completely child-led, from advocating for pull-ups, to insisting that going cold-turkey and using only underwear is the only way to go. What we offer here is a range of suggestions for you to consider and to help you get started.
A “potty seat”: Some prefer the small seat that is placed over the toilet seat, creating a more child-sized fit. Sit or stand: For the little boys – do you start with them sitting and move to standing or just start right out with letting them go standing up? Non-tangibles: Some families prefer not to use tangible prizes, and some children just don’t need them. By the clock: Helpful items like the Potty Time Watch help a child to remember to go at set time intervals. By the child: Kids often have pretty distinct signals to let you know when they are ready to go or when they are actively going.
You may need to try a combination of these timing methods to find out what works best for you.
Underwear: Sometimes going “cold turkey” and dealing with the messes is a preferred method.
Clothes: Overalls and footy pajamas are adorable, but not the easiest thing to be wearing when the need to go strikes a child who is just learning to balance getting to the potty on time and to manipulate clothes too.
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The truth is, the potty training method (or methods!) you ultimately use will be very individualized for you and your family.

These seats generally are easy for an adult to remove, making for quick transitions back and forth. While there is nothing at all wrong with this, just keep in mind that some children may feel nervous about that big round seat with the water under it. These can range from things like M&Ms, to stickers, to small items like racecars or some other treasured object.
Whatever the case, be sure to celebrate your child’s potty successes with praise, high-fives, hugs, etc. You might also use a timer or check in every hour or so, gradually increasing the time between visits to try the potty. If your child wakes up dry, that’s a good sign it might be time to set her on the potty to try.
Children often dislike the sensation of wet underwear and it can help them learn to cue into their bodies just before the accident.
It’s a great idea to seek advice from pediatricians, friends and family, and trusted parenting resources.
If at any point you or your child feels potty training stress, it’s okay to back off a little and start again in a bit. Though our potty training days are (happily) behind us, I definitely remember the angst that went along with figuring out what will work for my last child.
You make a great point about children from within the same family needing different approaches. You can even put one or more around the house so the minute a child gets the urge to go, she has a potty nearby. There are also ones that attach to so it can be flipped up and down like an actual toilet seat.

However, we suggest trying the sitting first so the child can get used to the whole process. You can also offer one item, like a single M&M for pee, and two or three of the same item for poops. Kids can feel a sense of independence when they can run to the potty and handle the pull-ups themselves. On the other hand, wet underwear and clothes may be a stressor to some, and are neither carpet nor furniture friendly. Think about what all these people have to say, and then embark on what feels right for you. It means you may find that you train your oldest child in one way and end up needing a completely different approach for the next sibling.
If you choose this method, be sure to have a stool handy for little feet to rest on while going.
Other families let children work towards a bigger reward by filling in a chart or trading in several small rewards for a bigger one. If your child is struggling or stalling over a step in potty training and has a breakthrough, make sure you celebrate big!
Children cannot control the muscles involved in elimination as well if they don’t have a place to put their feet down. When his singing turned high-pitched I knew he had filled his diaper and it was time to take a break from the attempted nap and clean him up.

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