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Thanksgiving is on Thursday but it’s not too late to plan some fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts for your toddler. Tip: If your child uses a booster for meals pop them in it when you are doing messy art too. This has never been our most popular Thanksgiving craft but my kids loved making it so I love sharing it.
Tip: When doing handprint crafts with toddlers that call for multiple hand cut outs layer multiple papers under tracing and cut instead of tracing their hands multiple times.
Tip : If your child is prone to dumping sensory materials have them sit on a carpeted floor. Painting with turkey basters is fun and squeezing the bulb is actually great for hand strength too. Tip : When painting with tools like a turkey baster after painting pop the kid and the tool into the bath and let them get clean together. Tip : When teaching abstract concepts like being thankful to toddlers including a concrete activity like making the box or decorating a jar for the tokens of appreciation to be kept in can create a connection that simple talking about being thankful may not. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. I've had a small canvas sitting in the art cupboard for a while, just waiting for a new art project. Tape (a plastic electrical or duct tape would work best for clean edges but I didn't have any on hand. While they are painting you can talk to them about the letters they are going over, about the colours they are using and about the motions they are making. I tried to choose colours that would complement one another but I was conscious of the fact that it could all very easily turn to brown.

At some point he put a gigantic amount of orange paint over the top and couldn't resist ditching the paint brush. Let's face it, we all know that {allergy friendly} and {gluten free} breads can be expensive.
I'll also be sharing some additional ideas from past posts, giving you a nice "one-stop shop" for tons of inspiration and ideas. She also has Ener-G Brand {Allergy Free} Pretzels and grapes in her EasyLunchboxes container for Friday.
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These activities were all done with my kids when they were toddlers ( 18 months – 3 years old)A  but have been repeated when they were older so rest assured that older siblings will love to join in on these easy Thanksgiving activities too. Tearing paper still builds hand muscles that are required for later scissor and handwriting skills.
I get it because I try to keep my house in order too and kids have a way of following behind us and messing up what was just cleaned. The materials won’t scatter as far ( or be as much fun to dump) and will be easy to vacuum up.
After the bulk of the paint it off in the bath you can put the tool into the dishwasher for a final clean. Use a thankful box to teach them to show appreciation for those things they like by modeling. The size and shape of it was just perfect for a small name so I decided that my toddler (just under 2 years old) could make himself some art for his room whilst also helping with his name recognition.
The straight lines are obviously the easiest but if you're after curves, you'll need some scissors to trim around the edges.

I was more than happy for Noah to do his thing with this one and didn't want to control the paint and the colours too much. This added a different sensory element to his experience and we could talk about the feel of the paint and how he was swirling it around. If they are unable to stick the tape themselves and form the letters, encourage them to help you figure out with letter comes next and where the lines should go. This will help them understand the physical and mental processes they are going through as well as giving them the vocabulary to describe it. We love baking big batches of gluten free muffins on the weekends so we can enjoy them for breakfast, snacks, or lunches. Check out our tips below to make these crafts even easier and more successful with your children. Sensory play is so valuable for kids as they explore cause and effect, measurement, imaginative play, and more.
With a a few simple additions I was able to include them in and the craft took on an element of imaginative play too. Working side by side with children while they are being focused is also a good time to talk with them about sensitive issues and their feelings. She loves being able to spread it on her crackers with her cute little fork giving her a fun change-up from a boring sammie.

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