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Although many potty-training tips apply to boys and girls alike, potty training boys does pose some unique challenges. As eager as you may be to ditch the diapers, many moms stress the importance of delaying toilet training until your son is ready. In addition to having another male demonstrate, one trick many moms share is to toss circle-shaped cereal into the toilet and have your son take aim. Continual motivation and reminders are very important for potty training boys, as active toddler boys may not want to stop what they're doing in order to use the toilet or stay on the toilet long enough to relax and go. I don’t normally comment on articles, but I have an experience I’d like to share that will hopefully help others in a similar position as myself. Until I came across this program that showed my daughter and I how to potty train our grandson within three days. When I read an interview with a Potty training guru I tried the method they talked about and that really worked!!
My son has no problem going pee but he will not poop in the potty, How do I get him to poop on the potty? My son is 3 now and b4 he turned 3 he would number 2 on the potty and wants nothing to do with peeing.
Whether you're wondering when to start potty training boys, whether to teach sitting or standing first, and how to encourage good aim, readers have offered great toilet-training tips to help you potty train boys with confidence. When your son is ready to learn to pee standing up, several readers, including Alicia O., recommend having an older male relative set an example.

Tips from readers for motivating boys include buying "big-kid" underwear that he'll want to keep clean, having special toys and books for potty time, and offering plenty of praise and prizes. We recently started to potty train my daughter (Jo) any time my husband and I tried to "potty train" my daughter it seemed like nothing was working! Luckily I found a great method while surfing the internet which has helped a lot of parents to potty train their kids.
There were some great techniques and helpful information there that I felt compelled to share with others. Yes the doll body doesn't look the same but when you're starting out with sitting on the potty doesn't matter.
This was fun for them, not to mention a great way to teach a boy how not to pee on the seat or rim," says Jennifer A. I really recommend you to try it as it worked wonders for us, got my kids potty trained in three days!
We've been trying to potty train my grandson for the last six weeks with no luck, Googling potty training was turning up outdated techniques and some of them we believe were even harmful and I really didn't have the time for trial and error and all the researching. He's starting now to get the concept of peeing on the potty but why would it take almost a year from knowing how to do number 2 which in my mind would be harder to learn? Other moms, like Katie S., a mother of two children in England, suggested using a ping-pong ball for the target (don't worry, it won't flush away). While you shouldn't shame it's also important not to encourage by making it easier to adapt to unrealistic expectations.

But I can now happily say that I no longer worry about her, she is now fully potty trained. Those expectations being that they will always have a safe guard against all unpleasant things. Our peds said he would develop the natural reaction during sleep whenever his body and brain connect in that way. Then when [he] saw the tattoo, it reminded him and he was proud to show them off!" offers Carol G.Looking for more tips?
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