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Ok, so this title may be a little bit misleading: both the Babyzen YoYo Stroller and the well-loved UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller offer terrific comfort for kids and convenience for parents on the go. Note the compact fold, the one-handed operation, and how the stroller is made to ride on a shoulder strap when it’s folded, so you can tote your baby on your other hip. To enable that crazy-cool fold, the YoYo has a series of interconnected hinges that you would think would add major weight, but miraculously, they don’t: the YoYo weighs a full three pounds less than the UPPAbaby G-Luxe! But let’s not oversell the YoYo off the bat, because the UPPAbaby G-Luxe provides some tough competition.
Both strollers have 50+ SPF sunshades, shoulder carry straps, easy-to-wash seat fabrics, footbrakes, non-extendable handles, and easy folds; the YoYo also comes with a rain cover. Sun canopies: These are both strollers that are made for outdoor environments like amusement parks, and they offer reasonable protection (although it’s hardly 100%, so don’t forget the sunscreen!).
Shoulder carrying: Both strollers have a handy shoulder strap, but this is where the YoYo’s compact footprint really shines!
Handling on and off-road: Neither of these strollers is remotely meant for all-terrain strolling, but let’s be real – every now and then you’re going to encounter an unexpected rough patch, right? The YoYo doesn’t have a front wheel lock, which would add more stability on rougher surfaces. Both strollers felt similar to push with the 25 pound weight I had in the stroller, but the YoYo was a little easier one-handed and it tended to glide away from me a little less.
Finally: at the Drool Baby Expo this past week, I chatted with Glen from BabyZen, and learned a bit more about what’s coming up for the YoYo.
The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is a dependable favorite, and the BabyZen YoYo is the new kid on the block, but they both are loaded with features we know you’ll love. For the fitness-obsessed, a jogging stroller is an absolute must: as our head buyer pointed out in her review of the BOB Flex Jogging Stroller, a jogger lets you work on your fitness goals while spending quality time with the newest member of your family. The look and feel of the Bugaboo Runner is just amazing, and if you know anything about the design of Bugaboo, you know that this puppy will really last you.
The BOB Flex is BOB’s newest addition to their line and is their answer to the demand for a hybrid version of their classic BOB Revolution stroller. Every family will need a sturdy lightweight stroller as their child gets older and becomes more mobile, and these are two of our faves.

Imagine a package like a bag of golf clubs or bats on your shoulder – rigid and sharp with a long profile, so you have to worry about hitting someone every time you turn around. It gets even better: the BabyZen YoYo is the first stroller in the world that’s fully compliant with the guidelines for cabin baggage dimensions.
This G-Luxe is one of the most luxurious, fully-featured umbrella strollers that we sell, and among the most dependable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-store strollers on the market. The YoYo’s canopy is a little shorter, covering less length extending out towards the front, but has a cocooning shape that adds a bit more protection in front.
It feels like you’re carrying a relatively rigid tote instead of a bag full of baseball bats; I’ve had people compare the footprint to a backpack full of schoolbooks, and it feels smaller than it looks. Umbrella strollers usually have the dual “umbrella” handlebars, but the YoYo has one elegant, curved piece. However, it does have dense, soft, foam-filled wheels that feel more high-end than those of the G-Luxe, and offered a smoother push on the brick, grass, and tiles in and around the Prudential Mall. With repeated wear on the wheels I can imagine the glide of the G-Luxe may disappear over time, but it just tended to roll faster than I was walking and sometimes slip away from me. They’re going to be releasing a new fabric set that lets you transform your stroller seat into a bassinet and back again – super cool! BOB joggers have always been clutch players in the jogging stroller field, but this year, Bugaboo has introduced their first jogger, providing some stiff competition.
The only negative is that just like most other Bugaboo strollers, the weight capacity for the Runner comes in just over 37.5 pounds, so if you plan on jogging well beyond toddlerhood, then this may not be for you. Still a true jogging stroller, the Flex can switch to having a fixed wheel or can turn and pivot with one hand in city mode. Granted, being able to tote your umbrella stroller this way when your independent growing child starts zooming around on their own is a godsend, but it’s not exactly FUN to carry. That isn’t just clever advertising, either – Rennie Dyball from People Magazine gave it a try! Yes, it has a traditional fold and weighs a smidge more, but you’re going to love the 3-position, push-button recline, the cup holder, the double wheels, the adjustable footrest, and the lush and plushy seat fabrics. The G-Luxe is a bit longer, with a tent-like feel that definitely covers your child’s head but leaves some room for the sun to peek under.

The weight distribution will keep the stroller from slipping off of your shoulder, more so than the G-Luxe.
This gives you way more leverage for one-handed steering, and puts you a little further away from the stroller than the G-Luxe, offering more comfort for taller folks with long strides.
I hope this blog gave you a good start on your decision, but the best way to find out is always to come over to one of our stores for a stroller test drive! Of course, the best way to choose your stroller is to give ‘em all a test drive at one of our stores, but in this blog, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each stroller to help you narrow down your choices. Because the Runner is designed for dedicated runners, there is a fixed front wheel, which makes a one handed push oh so easy. The Runner is available for preorder now, and we are hoping to have samples in the stores for June as well.
The first BOB to have an adjustable handlebar, this is the perfect stroller for parents who are of different heights. Not only is the seat padding incredibly comfy – definitely a level above the YoYo – but you can still use the G-Luxe when the removable fabric set is in the wash, since there’s still seat fabric underneath, safely attached to the harness. Both, fortunately, have a piece extending downward to protect baby’s face from the sun’s rays. The basket is nice and open for easy access, but also has straps on it to keep your stuff from bouncing out. With car seat adapter options, and a weight capacity up to 75 pounds, this could be the one stroller that does it all.
If your family is more sporty, plans on camping, and also plans on jogging, then this may be the stroller for you.

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