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At some point between the terrible twos and terrifying threes, most of us embarked on a pilgrimage to the great ceramic bowl in the sky. There was a time when potty training was harsh and almost militant; today, with advanced diapers and technology, most parents allow their babies to take control.
In the late 1800s, infants’ bottoms were wrapped in cloth diapers that were usually made of cotton or linen secured with safety pins.
Potty training methodology at the onset of the 20th century was simple: Babies would be put on strict laxative schedules to induce pooping at predictable times.
It was around this time that Marion Donovan, a New York housewife, invented disposable diapers — though they were incredibly pricey, and most parents continued using cloth diapers over the next 20 years. Throughout the 1970s, companies began to find cheaper alternatives for the production of disposable diapers.
Computer technology has attempted to refine the potty experience for toddlers since the mid-2000s. Admittedly, the modern potty training discussion is a lot more complex than what we’ve presented here (methodology has been debated by everyone from Freud to Alicia Silverstone). This post has been republished with permission from writer Zachary Crockett and Priceonomics. This post originally appeared on Priceonomics, the authors of the above book, Everything Is Bullshit.
Pampers are the worst nappies to be stuck with during the sleep-deprived-zombie apoocalypse.

It was a long journey, which left in its wake frustrated parents, soiled sheets, and tiny mounds of ill-timed poop. Supplies and resources were often limited, so when a child wet herself, her diaper would often just be hung up to dry; for accidents of the solid variety, the cloth would be thrown into a boiling pot of water. Benjamin Spock, a renowned pediatrician, was encouraging parents to “leave bowel training almost entirely up to your baby‚Ķ.
While this can be attributed to many factors (like the aforementioned philosophical changes), there seems to be a correlation between the increase of disposable diapers and the decrease of children potty trained at younger ages.
At the same time, it takes American children nearly twice as long to complete potty training as it did in the 1950s. While most psychologists and child development experts have continued to stress the importance of patience and cooperation, hundreds of apps have tried to expedite the learning process. But even a glimpse into its history demonstrates how technology, coupled with ideological shifts, has impacted how we teach our children even the most basic human actions. Artificial intelligences will reinvent everything, and there will be unlimited rice pudding. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a more '90s moment than the end of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. But over time, with practice and patience, we collectively conquered the art of potty usage.
For the duration of our lives, it remains one of the simplest, most fundamental human actions.

As people became more aware of bacteria, infections posed a higher concern, and proper toilet training rose as a top priority. Except, of course, that when we imagine artificial intelligences in fiction, they're often not that smart. New APIs and new software hooks are massively increasing the way that Android can be used in devices other than smartphones and tablets, and to demonstrate that the Google team chopped up the dashboard of a shiny new Maserati Ghibli. Naturally, being properly trained for something of this significance is incredibly important. Often, to avoid extra work, parents would resort to dramatic measures to train their children: Enemas, suppositories, and physical force were enlisted in an effort to teach children to use the restroom at younger ages.
Mothers would observe their child’s schedule and habits and patiently work with her until she made a connection between the feeling of having to go and the action itself. Well, at least until this week, when attendees of the premiere for the latest Turtles movie sequel did a little time travel for a reunion of stars not seen since that seminal 1991 movie.

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