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I have a lot to share and I’m going to start with some Potty Training and Elimination Communication tools. This product has been around for quite some time and many people said that they have it and love it. I have a little boy and potty training him wasn’t always the easiest what I did find is he loved doing things like daddy does which is why I love this potty training urinal by Jahgoo.
This would have been perfect for Kyla in the earlier months and now as well since she can’t hold herself up on the potty!
About Christa MarieChrista is a mom to three, Mason, Kyla and Elena who grew her wings the day she was born in February 2012.
Nappy Free Baby: A comprehensive UK guide to the art of baby-led potty training, otherwise know as elimination communication. My good friend Jenn at Born Ready has designed Flaparaps, the ingenious drop-flap nappies that make BLPT a breeze.
As the Twentieth Century progressed, this new kind of psychological understanding of children’s development influenced the way experts thought about toilet training. The concept of childhood itself, with children having distinct needs and identities, was seeded during the enlightenment and developed by the Victorians. When I was writing Nappy Free Baby in 2014, I did a huge amount of research on the history of nappy use and toilet training. However, when it came to editing my book for publication, my publisher felt that the historical content weighed too heavy on the book.

Rather than let all that good research go to waste, I thought I ought to write it up here as blogs posts. The next Nappy Free Baby workshop will be held in Oxford, Wednesday 25th November, 11am -12pm.
I will be running a free workshop next Wednesday 30th September at 11am in Oxford in the Marston area.
Due to the closing of Kangaroo playgroup  we will no longer meet at Barracks Lane Community Garden. The Nappy Science Gang are a group of parents and scientists who are dedicated to finding out answers to some of the questions around Nappies and all things related. Real Nappies for London are celebrating Zero Waste Week this week with a competition to win a copy of my book!
This is perfect for parents who don’t have a lot of space or parents who don’t want traditional potty seats clogging up their bathroom! I do this every day with Kyla so it would be nice for the potty to do it on it’s own!
It really makes it easy and most importantly COMFORTABLE to follow your baby’s cues and limit the amount of diapers you have. She blogs about the things she loves; her family, recipes and whatever she's up too that week. At Little Us you'll find recipes, crafts, and our family life peppered with reviews & giveaways of our favorite products!

Amber Hatch offers free monthly workshops teaching nappy free baby skills and a consultation service.
The workshop will be  a practical session, so please do bring potties and whatever you need to enable you to potty your baby. Come along to share experiences and find support – this will be a practical session, so do bring potties and suitable clothes, nappies, etc.
I’ll be online at 9pm on 22nd September for an hour to answer your questions as best as I can. I got to meet a lot of the representatives behind the brands I work with often and I got to see a ton of new products from brands I know and love and products from companies I have never heard of before. When you start potty training you typically go to the baby section of your local store but these seats aren’t found there, instead they’re found near were you find traditional toilet seats! His first editions of Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Children, which appeared in 1839, only alludes to toilet training.

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