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Elmo's Potty Time is a 2006 Sesame Street video in which Baby Elmo, Baby Prairie Dawn and Curly Bear learn about how to use the potty. Includes an interactive storybook version of Too Big for Diapers, narrated by Yeardley Smith. The potty opening is larger than the others, so I am hoping there will be fewer times that I have to clean the entire chair after use. The removable seat does fit the big toilet, so I don't have to purchase a second seat when he is ready to try the big toilet.

This potty chair has a 3 piece design, with removable seat to fit most standard toilets, and the base becomes a stool. It comes with removable deflector shield for boys, a large bowl and with the push of a button Elmo talks to your child! Poor craftsmanship if you ask me and not impressed at all for the price that is for sure ! My son loves this thing! Great Product (May 21, 2010) Reviewer: T Bostic I purchased this seat shortly before my 2 year old son started Daycare.

My son is fully potty trained now & he still uses this seat when he doesn't feel like going to the big toilet in the bathroom.
Vehra I bought this with the hope that my son would become interested in the potty because it had Elmo on it.

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