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Ideo developed an app where everyone’s favorite red furry friend will make phone calls to your kids. The concept tested incredibly well, and it was apparent that extending the character’s furry reach would be beneficial in aiding other elements of growing up.
Keep an eye out for new apps featuring additional fuzzy friends from Sesame Street by the end of the year.

As it will be used by both adults and kids, the project had to reflect the various needs of both, and follows an iPhone-style interface that allows parents to unlock their menus with an easy swipe. After the Toy Lab drafted scripts for the different calls they were sent to the good folks at the Sesame Workshop, which has its own staff of developmental psychologists who aid in directing content to ensure it’s appropriate. A few years ago, the Toy Lab team at Ideo began exploring ways to ease the experience, and found that guidance from older siblings was hugely beneficial.

The latter offers shorter engagement periods with higher levels of interaction—a plus for everyone involved.

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