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Join Elmo as he reminisces about his potty training journey and guides viewers as they embark on theirs.
Games Browse All - Sesame Street Home Games Videos Playlists Muppets Art Browse All Games All ABC 123 Toddler Three Four Reading Adventures Join Elmo and friends as they go on five reading adventures!
This magical title also features a new Birthday Dance music video as well as Elmo's World: Birthdays.

Elmo and his Sesame friends give helpful, confidence-building tips and encourage kids to listen to their bodies. IOSTAB Ernie's Bathtime Fun Draw a path to get Duckie to Ernie IOSALL Find the Foods Find the hidden foods!
IOSPHONE Ernie's Bathtime Fun Draw a path to get Duckie to Ernie IOSPHONE Cookie's Color Burst (iPad) Pop the colors!

IOSTAB Spot the Animals Find the animals IOSPHONE Spot the Animals (iPad) Find the animals IOSTAB Zoe's Halloween Game Have fun with costumes and pumpkins in this Halloween game.

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