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With a brand new cover and updates, this Sesame Street bestseller is sure to make potty time a fun time!
Post ReviewCurrently, there are no reviews available.People who bought this also bought:Sesame Street Night, Night, Elmo! This portable, delicious (and easy-to-make!) snack will nourish your kids without the added sugar of store-bought granola bars.
These hacks - from natural methods to "sprint" tips - will have you finished in no time! Even though at least one of these tools is on my list of things I should never put near my eyes. Win a one night memory making stay at Great Wolf Lodge and try out their brand new slideā€¦if you dare. Fits on regular or elongated toilet seats(0 reviews)Post ReviewPreviews require flash player.Click here to download. BookIt's time for Elmo to go to bed, but first he has to put on his pajamas, brush his teeth, listen to a story, and more. Elmo helps him listen to his body when he has to go, puts him on the toilet and helps him be comfortable on the seat, followed by using toilet paper and flushing.
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