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This amusing and song-filled DVD teaches kids that everone - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, and even monsters - has to learn how to use the potty. Playrific makes childrens apps with exciting, intelligent, educational & fun content from around the world. Positioning is key for successful nursing and the right pillow can help make you and your baby more comfortable and more successful at latching.
Available in green, grey or orange, the Nook Niche Nursing Pillow is a modern take on the wrap-around nursing pillow. The original Boppy has been around for over 25 years, but the most recent addition to the family is the Boppy Two-Sided Nursing Pillow.
Baby Jogger City Select – One of my favorite twin-suitable double strollers is the City Select. Britax B-Ready – To make the full-sized, modular B-Ready twin-suitable, you will need their lower infant car seat adapter and either two Britax infant car seats that click right into the stroller or their Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame if you want to use car seats of a different brand. Nursing Ponchos – A great idea for new moms too busy or sleep-deprived to put together an outfit when meeting your girlfriends for lunch, a cute nursing poncho can be both practical and pretty. Nurseryworks Duet Bunk Beds in Dark Catalpa – I love the sleek design and built-in storage. Newport Cottages Rikki Bunk Beds – If you want even more color, choose this bunk from Newport Cottage that lets you mix and match 31 base colors and 31 accent colors to create your perfect color combo. Nuna Zaaz: The Zaaz high chair was my first introduction to Nuna and it was love at first sight. Elmo's Potty Time is a 2006 Sesame Street video in which Baby Elmo, Baby Prairie Dawn and Curly Bear learn about how to use the potty. Includes an interactive storybook version of Too Big for Diapers, narrated by Yeardley Smith. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Your child will learn that accidents are okay and that it takes time and practice before he can use the potty on his own.
They were invaluable for getting my babes in just the right position, but severely lacked in the style department.
Yes, you might be able to use a collection of couch pillows and scrunched up blankets to get the support you need, but these nursing pillows are designed to provide support and comfort during nursing.
The unique V-shapes give you support on which ever side you are feeding on with without additional bulk of pillow where you don’t need it. This unique pillow offers two levels of support – a firmer, contoured foam surface covered in a soft minky fabric for more support and a softer, fiber-filled side for added comfort.
A common misconception among new parents is that any double stroller will do the job, but not all double strollers are designed to accommodate two infants – meaning that they can accept two infant car seats, two bassinets, or that both seats recline fully flat.
Always be sure to double-check that your stroller is compatible with your infant car seats.
The versatile design allows you to transform it from a single stroller to a double stroller with 16 different seating combinations. You’ll love the 14 different configurations including that the infant car seats can be positioned both facing forward, both facing back or facing each other. Although it doesn’t have all the frills of a traditional stroller, the Snap-N-Go frame comes with an extra big underseat basket and a parent tray with two cup holders. It has a mind-boggling 55 seating configurations (!!) with 10 options specifically for twins with either car seats or bassinets facing every combination of directions.
Fortunately, there are dozens of comfortable and chic nursing covers to keep you looking fashionable while you’re feeding.
I love the fashionable prints and the fact that many of these fold up in a convenient pouch or pocket on the cover for easy storage.

With a few loops on (or off) the neck, these scarves transform into breastfeeding covers which makes them ideal for cool weather (when you want to wear a scarf anyways) or when you need to travel with a bag too small to stash a breastfeeding cover. Whether you need your brood to bunk together or just like the idea of them sharing a room, we love these sleek, modern takes on these space-saving beds. Two storage drawers underneath and dual cubies on the end help make it practical and pretty. Plus, I love the cut-outs in the safety rail that allow your child to see out and still stay safe. Plus you can order the detachable tray so the top bunker has a place to store important nighttime items.
This European import arrived in late 2012 and has been busy in 2013 releasing new products to the US market and gaining lots of fans. I was never a fan of the bright color explosion many baby products bring to every corner of your house, and so I love the Nuna Leaf’s subdued palette, simple design, and battery-free baby-rocking ability. Penny Skateboards – These mini skateboards are one of the hot items my kids are jonesing for.
Svan Scooter – Sadly, it looks like they like may be discontinuing this designer scooter from Svan, but I found some still available at Modern Nursery.
Whether you need a compact pot for a tiny bathroom or something with enough bells and whistles to keep your new pottier interested, I’ve got the perfect potty for you. If your child benefits from some extra encouragement, try a potty with some added bells-n-whistles – often literal bells and whistles.
So dance, sing, and laugh as your child learns confidence-building skills and helpful healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
Unlike other swings and rockers which have one set movement, the mamaRoo is designed to move like do when you’re trying to soothe baby around the house and out running your errands. Fortunately, brands have heard the cry of stylish moms who don’t want to shove their nursing pillow behind the couch whenever company comes. The shape also makes it work well as a pregnancy pillow to provide support under your bellow or between your legs.
Whichever side you prefer, there is a wide arc to fit most parents and an adjustable belt to help keep the pillow in place. By clicking and shopping, you help support Momtrends and allow us to keep reporting on trends.
It has a telescoping handle, zippers for easier access to the underseat storage, a good canopy and an easy one-handed seat recline. Plus, the Britax B-Ready folds up with the second seat attached – a rarity among many convertible inline strollers. The frame is compatible with most major car seat brands and is inexpensive ($75), but can’t be used once your twins get too old or big for their infant car seats.
One of my favorite features of the Promenade is the ability to transform the seat into a flat bassinet. By clicking and shopping you help support Momtrends and allow us to keep reporting on trends. There are lots available on Etsy, but I like the adjustable sizing and simple design of the grey NuRoo nursing scarf and the adorable stripes of the PeekABoobtique scarf that also works as a poncho and a car seat cover. Add a set of bangles, lip balm, a great smile and your adorable newborn and you’re ready to go.
Soften the industrial look of the frame with a cozy down comforter and some textured pillows or plush animals. It looks sleek and acts smart with an easy to adjust seat height, crevice-free design to prevent crumb build-up and the ability to transform to fit an infant, toddler or adult. This portable crib is so easy to set up, the first time you do it, you may think you’ve missed a step.
It’s pretty and will momentarily hold your baby so you can grab your first bite of food in hours or make a trip to the bathroom sans baby.

We’ve used the Mini, the Maxi, Micro White, and the Micro Flex which have all been a huge hit. While they definitely are easier to use on flatter terrain, the design allows you to go forwards, backwards, in circles and up slight inclines by just wiggling the handle back and forth. At only 22 inches long, Penny skateboards are smaller and lighter than a traditional skateboard making them perfect for kids. Carved from a single piece of bent birch wood, this scooter is as gorgeous as it is functional. The mamaRoo moves up and down and side to side with five unique combinations to choose from – kangaroo, car ride, tree swing, rockabye and wave.
The Luna Lullaby cover is machine washable and has no zippers or Velcro to cause discomfort. There are eight color combinations to choose from with either silver or the new black frame.
From multitasking nursing scarves and ponchos to traditional breastfeeding covers, check out some of my favorite finds for chic nursing covers.
The seat is comfortable for baby and the subdued color options mean that the high chair will compliment your decor instead of clashing with it. The seat is comfy and supportive and comes with a removable, infant insert, making the Pipa suitable for babes as little as 4lbs.
The Kickboard USA scooters are stable, sturdy, durable, lightweight, and have a long use range (one of my sons rode his Mini from 18 months up until he was 4). They come in a variety of colors include florescents, pastels, marbled, and organics – you can even customize your own Penny board! The list of features go on and on – seat recline, five speed options for each of the five motions, a mobile with three reversible toys, and four built-in sounds plus the ability to plug in an mp3 player. The all organic pillow is perfect for the sensitive skin of babies and the washable covers come in a great selection of simple fabrics from all white to simple, modern patterns.
Plus, whether you want solids or prints, a gender-neutral design or all-out girly, Luna Lullaby has a style for you. We use them for walks around the block, trips to the store (even in the store sometimes!), camping, and on vacation. I used the Primo 4-in-1 Toilet Trainer (2) with my first two boys because I loved its simplicity and versatility. The latest version of the mamaRoo is also Bluetooth-enabled so you can adjust the motion, speed and sound from your phone or tablet. While I love the 3-wheeled versions, the 2-wheeled Micro Flex and Micro Sprite fold in half making them super convenient for packing and travel. I also love the Summer Infant All-in-One Potty (3) that includes a toilet paper holder and wet wipes dispense to teach kids the important of good hygiene at the same time. The Pepp comes with a decent sized canopy, an extension handlebar and a small, but functional underseat basket. The Nuna Pipa also has a stability leg that retracts from the base and braces against the floor of your back seat to provided added stability in a crash – up to 90% less movement during a front impact according to their study. Check out their website for their complete selection of scooters for toddlers, teens and adults. No included mobile and changing table (though it does have a bassinet option), but I’d much prefer something simple and effective than busy and a beast to set up.

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