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Elmo's Potty Time is a 2006 Sesame Street video in which Baby Elmo, Baby Prairie Dawn and Curly Bear learn about how to use the potty. Includes an interactive storybook version of Too Big for Diapers, narrated by Yeardley Smith. She also understands that there are many words that describe pee, potty, poop, toilet, etc.
It seems it is a fun way to compliment the infomation and routines we are teaching her. Not Appropriate (Nov 25, 2009) Reviewer: Stormy My 17 mo son really likes the beginning with Elmo, but the trip to the dim lit TP factory he couldn't care less about, and really what toddler would?

The video's geared toward older children that should be using the potty already, so unless you want to confuse and bore your child, I'd look into another video.
The new film kicks off as Naruto is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to the inescapable Hozuki Castle prison where he plots to escape despite the efforts of warden Mui while befriending fellow inmates Ryuzetsu and Maroi, who may have questionable motives for helping the young ninja. Konohamaru!, production art gallery, original Japanese theatrical trailers and a special full-color O-card.
The channel also has an iPad app that allows customers to download video for offline viewing, and currently boasts over 200 shows with more titles being launched every month.

The Blu-ray also boasts a video message from creator Masashi Kishimoto and an interview with Japanese voice star Junko Takeuchi.

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