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In celebration of the final Harry Potter movie, here is a collection of awesome Harry Potter swag! As always, be sure to click on the picture to be taken to the actual treasury so you can explore some more! The store also sells jerseys for the other European wizard schools, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.
Prisons use algorithms to predict recidivism, but the code is biased against black offenders.

Grab some of the food storage solutions, and you’ll save even more money when less food is put to waste.
Too many orders for a Harry Potter engagement ring caused this Etsy shop to temporarily shut down.
Harry Potter fanatics have inundated geek-chic accessories manufacturer Alchemy House Jewelry with so many orders for its Quidditch-themed engagement ring that its designer has had to temporarily close up shop. The $145 dollar ring is inset with a topaz stone meant to resemble the Golden Snitch, the smallest ball in the flying-broomstick game popular in J.K.

There's also plenty of other Harry Potter apparel—enough to make any fan feel like they're back at Hogwarts. Their modus operandi seems to be emblazoning well-made apparel and accessories—for example, this Gryffindor backpack—with insignias from Potter, Thrones, Avatar, and other big franchises with devoted fanbases.

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