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Family Literacy Day 2016 is coming up on January 27th, and it’s a great day to start some new family traditions around reading. Whether it’s an under-used corner of their closet with one of those battery-powered push lights, a homemade tent, or just a corner with some nice pillows, try creating a spot that’s particularly for reading.
You can start with subscriptions to National Geographic Kids, Chirp, or OWL magazine, all geared towards different age groups.
If your kids are obsessed with trains, ballerinas, dinosaurs, birds, or whatever it is – pile on the books. The children’s area in local libraries are a magical resource: story time, educational toys and puppets, and helpful awesome librarians ready to help you and you children find their next favourite book.
Include scents, sound effects, and even tastes of things to illustrate the story.  Are you reading a book about a gingerbread man?  What a great opportunity to smell those spices and bake the cookies! Part of what makes this a fun and special time is that each person in the family is really engaged.  Turn off your cell phones and the television and be sure that your attention is really on the experience of reading aloud.  You are a role model to your children and if they see you engaged in reading, they will be too! Many children request old favorites to be repeated again and again.  While this may not be your first choice, remember that encouraging a love of reading, as well as enjoying the time together is really the most important thing sometimes. The holidays can be busy, but it's important to make the time to read aloud together.  Invite visiting friends and relatives to join you for a story or ask them to read or tell one of their favorite stories.

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It doesn’t need to be for long periods in one sitting, but snuggling together and reading a story gets kids accustomed to the idea early on.

Settle down with a good book while they’re playing, and if you use a Kindle or a Kobo, make sure they know you’re reading a book. This year as part of Family Literacy Day, libraries across Toronto are holding events with story times, scavenger hunts, puppet shows, and more. She drinks just a bit too much coffee, is a bit obsessed about sourcing local food, plays the cello moderately well, spends too much time on Twitter, keeps honeybees on a rooftop, and has a thing for single-malt whisky. I make sure to tell my son if I’m really into the book I’m reading – it’s important kids understand books can be as compelling as a movie. If you’re at a loss, ask your child’s friends’ parents what’s on high rotation at their house.
Tuck a book in your bag or the car, and use those 10 minutes waiting for dance class to start or a meal to arrive.
Erin is working on a novel set in turn-of-the-century Vancouver, which her husband, son and dog have to hear about all the time, and also blogs at Erin at Large.

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