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From elegant to tacky (mostly tacky), toilet seat covers are an easy way to add a lot of personality to a bathroom. Some are fuzzy, furry, or otherwise heated to keep your bum warm in the winter, and some are mountain or beach themed, perfect for adding just the right degree of whimsy to a vacation cottage. Some toilet seat covers are simply decorative, while others have built-in germ-resistant treatments to keep your family healthier (their backsides anyway). The Comfy Covers Germ Resistant Toilet Seat Cover is available in light blue, white, navy, and yellow. The Seashell Beach Toilet Seat Cover is just the ticket for your seaside cottage, just in case the sand dollars on the window sill in the bathroom weren’t beachy enough. The Brondell Swash 700 Luxury Toilet Seat is a lot more than just a seat cover (something that’s reflected in its $650 price tag). If you have a goal to become wealthy (or maybe just get a raise at work), the Money and Gold Toilet Seat Covers will remind you of your goals every morning when you step into the bathroom to do your business.
What collection of toilet seat covers would be complete without one featuring an underwater scene?
Does anyone know where I can get a cloth style toilet seat cover to fit an Ejier style toilet seat? Well guys, until you have fallen into the toilet in the middle of the night, waking you thoroughly, you will just never understand!OH YES!!! In this house neither of the boys that live here know how to use the toilet seat, generally they don't put it up when they pee and pee on the seat. We live in a world with many different concepts of what is normal, but maybe thata€™s a good thing.
Of course, there are obvious cultural differences of which we are vaguely aware, but even people whom we think are like us, can be surprisingly different. As an educator for 32 years, I had to learn to respect the different environments in which my students were raised.
About this same time a kindergarten teacher gave me a classic example of how cultural biases can affect standardized testing. Even as hip as Ia€™ve always been (not), language has sometimes been problematic in communicating with students.
It sometimes boggles the mind how different a€?normala€? can be for people from different cultures.
These are trivial examples, but we live in a world torn by civil wars and conflicts largely due to a lack of tolerance for people who violate someonea€™s sense of a€?normal.a€? Personally, I think variations in economic standing create greater differences than race in this country, but we also have difficulty with people of different religions, cultures, and languages.

The original Star Trek series had stories that taught valuable lessons amid the crude special effects and over-acting.
We live in a world with many different concepts of what is normal, but maybe thata€™s a good thing.A  It would be a boring existence if we were all too much alike.
People with a different a€?normala€? do not have to come from different cultures.A  It can happen to different generations, even in the same family. Maybe we all need a little more of the Cub Scout Motto attitude.A  Thata€™s not too weird, is it? Nothing worse than ending up sat on a wet seat.Mind you neither can aim straight either and it ends up on the floor before they finally hit the bowl.
There are people who look different, people who think different, and people who act differently than I do.
Even within seemingly homogenous groupings, we argue over different politics and theologies.
In the episode a€?Let That Be Your Last Battlefielda€? the Enterprise encounters a planet that has been nearly destroyed by its own inhabitants.
When I became a math teacher, I was working at a school in a neighboring town.A  One day another teacher and I had our classes in the computer lab and one of her students, a black girl, asked me, a€?Mr. Our son Thomas was an only child, so his upbringing differed significantly from mine, one of four siblings. In the episode a€?Let That Be Your Last Battlefielda€? the Enterprise encounters a planet that has been nearly destroyed by its own inhabitants.A  The last two survivors are still fighting.
I soon discovered that I had been keeping medicine in the wrong room, my standards for cleanliness needed upgrading, and dona€™t even get me started on the toilet seat issue. Kindergarteners were especially interesting because a large part of their education was learning the difference between a€?normala€? at home and a€?normala€? at school. The kindergarten teacher administered her test orally, and students chose answers by selecting the correct picture. However, the roommates were curiously quiet until one of them asked, a€?Whata€™s the crunchy sweet stuff in this?a€? Brother and I shared a bewildered look, and then I asked, a€?Doesna€™t everyonea€™s Mom put apples in tuna salad??a€? Our a€?normala€? was different than theirs. Tune, where do you stay?a€? I had no idea what she was asking until my teacher friend clued me in. Thomas was a sophomore when Tania lived with us, and for the first time in his life, he had to share his sanctuary with another person, a girl even! Both men are half-white, half-black, but on opposite sides.A  Each hates the other because of this a€?obviousa€? difference.

I have learned over the decades that the art of compromise is essential to a healthy relationship. One of the questions asked, a€?Where is the best place to display your schoolwork?a€? The pictures from which they were asked to choose included things like a bulletin board, the wall, a window, a door.
I hope we can learn to tolerate the differences of our fellow man before we end up so consumed by hate that everybody loses. Ia€™ve also learned that compromise means listening carefully to both sides before doing it her way. One morning just as we were approaching the train tracks one block from school, the lights began to flash, and we had to stop and wait for a train. Unfortunately, this teacher taught in a room that had no bulletin boards, so she routinely posted the kidsa€™ work on the walls. We did some advance research on the Bulgarian culture and learned that their head-nods for a€?yesa€? and a€?noa€? were opposite ours. I know this is not easy, maybe not even natural, but if we could make tolerance the new normal, wouldna€™t we all be better off?
The important thing to remember is that Ia€™m still the one who a€?wears the pants in the familya€? a€“ at least, thata€™s what Bev says.
As the bus slowed to a stop, everyone heaved a sigh of disappointment except for one little boy who unashamedly said, a€?Shit!a€? Guess what was normal language in his home? As a sensitive educator I had to be careful to correct the inappropriate language without railing at him about using a€?evil, filthy language,a€? because I would be inadvertently sending the message that the people in his home were bad people.
I brought Tania home from the airport to meet her temporary family, and Beverly greeted her with a hug and said, a€?I bet youa€™re glad to be off that airplane!a€? Tania gushed, a€?Oh, yes!!a€? while shaking her head back and forth.
I was in college before I realized that people under 18 were allowed to order chicken fried steaks! I silently screamed, a€?Oh my God, ita€™s true!!a€? My big concern from that time on was picturing her on a date with a local boy. I silently screamed, a€?Oh my God, ita€™s true!!a€? My big concern from that time on was picturing her on a date with a local boy.A  I feared she might have trouble conveying the sentiment a€?no,a€? if necessary.

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