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When the smaller seat is not needed, the unique design allows you to simply lift it up into the lid.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Don't let toilet training be a chore, family toilet seats have the solution with a two in one seat for both adults and children. For those that want a plain seat with no fancy soft close hinges our range of standard toilet seats give you plenty to choose from.
Wood effect toilet seats give you the option to match that wooden bath panel or floor you may have in your bathroom. If your toilet seat is fine but the hinges are a bit worse for wear take a look at upgrading them with our toilet seat hinges. To suit a more traditional bathroom décor, white seats are a sensible choice as they add a clean and minimalist look. If, however, all you want to do is inject some fun into your bathroom, then look no further than our collection of Novelty Toilet Seats. Presenting the Soft Close Seat:Soft Close Seats deserve a mention on their own as they eliminate the problem with traditional seats crashing to the pan.

Measure the overall length and width of your existing seat, but don’t worry if they don't match up exactly to the one you like as a 10-20mm discrepancy is fine. The Importance of Hinges:Efficient Toilet Hinges are crucial to ensuring longevity and that the seat will withstand everyday wear and tear. At Splashdirect you are spoilt for choice as we have a range of standard chrome hinges, traditional gold hinges or duroplastic soft close hinges to help you pick your perfect toilet seat. Features a second seat with a smaller opening fitted between a standard adult toilet seat and lid.
To get the most from the web, upgrade to a modern, standards compliant web browser such as Google Chrome. For the more reserved individual, investing in a Wood Effect Seat will evoke a rustic look: a light pine seat will add a fresh look to your bathroom and a darker mahogany colour will add an elegant touch. Our selection of Standard Toilet Seats will serve you well here as they are tradition at its best, with no fancy features such as soft close hinges. With a soft seat it will slowly close with a gentle tap, avoiding the situation of the seat crashing down in the middle of the night and waking everyone up. The next step is to measure the distance required for the hinges by measuring the distance between the centres of the two holes on your pan.

Hinge fixings can vary from the standard nut and bolt fixing, to the top fix where the hinge is fitted by tightening two screws at the top.
Ideal for adults with small frames, children of varied ages, grandparents with visiting grandchildren, child day care centers and facilities catering to all ages.
Wooden toilet seats also give you the opportunity to complement other wooden parts of your bathroom, such as a wooden bath panel or wooden flooring.
This subtly closing mechanism also reduces the formation of cracks, thereby increasing its durability. This can vary depending on your toilet and it can be from as low as 100mm to as high as 240mm. Top fix hinges are typically used when there is no access to the underside of the fixings, like in a back to wall WC. If the product was not opened, then the item may be able to be returned based on the terms and conditions outlined in the above Restocking Fee Policy.

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