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A child development expert shares a few simple do's and don'ts that will help make your child's first day of kindergarten a success. Back-to-school time is particularly anxiety provoking for those entering kindergarten for the first time (and their parents). These tactics will instill your belief in them - which, in the long run, is really all every child needs!
Wendy Ludlow, LCSW, is a child development expert, psychotherapist, and clinical trainer with offices in New York City's Greenwich Village and the Bronx. The ALF appliance is a more natural approach to correct underlying issues in your mouth and promotes healthy growth and development. The first day of school brought mixed emotions for many students, including 4-year-old Andrew Macias, who spoke to us on his way to pre-kindergarten on Tuesday.
An adorable California boy named Andrew Macias will bring you back to your first day of school when you were filled with anticipation, excitement, fear and possibly sadness about saying goodbye to mom.

In an interview with a KTLA TV reporter, the 4-year-old answers questions about his first day of school. Here are some simple tips to ease the stress for both; they will also instill confidence in your children for their ultimate success in life. Smile and confidently turn away, assuring her that she is in the right place at the right time.
This reassures the child that there is an after school time, and that the imminent separation is temporary. Something like: "I know he will be such a great kid to have in your class!" This reinforces the belief that you believe in your child's ability to be successful at school.
It is very reassuring to have the security of a parent for a relaxed transition, not one that feels hurried or pressured. Even if your child cried, you can find something positive to focus on and relate about them.

Learn the early warning signs of eating disorders (perhaps surprisingly, for boys as well as girls). When we asked Andrew if he would miss his mother during his first day at City Terrace Elementary School, the young man firmly said, “No.” He paused a second and then began to tear up.
When Courtney Friel asks him whether he’ll miss his mother during his day of pre-kindergarten at City Terrace Elementary School, Macias initially answers “no” with certainty. Seconds later, Andrew’s mom gave him a hug off camera.Andrew was among thousands of LAUSD students who filled classrooms Tuesday morning as summer vacation officially came to an end.

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