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You and your child will enjoy a fun, exciting and stimulating program at First Steps Preschool.
Please take a look at the Pre-JK Program Description as this information will pertain to your child 1 year prior to them starting Kindergarten! By providing children with activities that match their developmental needs, abilities and interests, learning occurs easily and naturally. During the year, we will be providing the children with new and excitingexperiences like incubating chick eggs, butterfly cocoons, spinning sheep's wool, examining plants, classroom pets, etc. We will have different visitors to the center who will: bring exotic animals,show us about different nationalities, cooking classes, singing, art, dance classes, digging for "dinosaur" bones, Magicians, various characters, Clowns, etc.
Develop fine motor skills by playing with toys that have small parts(such as pegboards and puzzles). Make believe and pretend activities through puppet shows, dress-up, teaparties, dramatic play, dolls, housekeeping toys, toy telephones, etc. When you bring your child to the first steps classroom, they will be given a numbered security sticker. For the safety and stability of our children, we ask that all parents check-in their children at the classroom door and not enter the classroom.
The first steps Team will monitor the entrance to the hallway before and after every service. All of our volunteers go through a background check and screening prior to serving with us. Original prices are provided by the app developer, the SALE prices listed are updated once an hour. Affiliate Program - If you would like to purchase any of the apps, please use the links provided.

My First Steps I & II Child Care Center of Reading, PA provides a preschool program that is second to none.
It is important for children to learn through organized activity, as well as play, and they get plenty of opportunities for both at My First Steps I & II Child Care Center. Your child will be challenged in all areas of development - physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.
The philosophy of First Steps Preschool is rooted in Biblical Judeo-Christian values that emphasize a relationship with a loving God. The difference between the Preschool Program and the Pre-JK Program is that the Pre-JK Program is more advance and the children will receive more one-on-one time to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to excel once they are in school! There will be regular communication between teachers and parents to keep you informed about your child’s day. Unfortunately, due to the number of children in our Infant Nursery each week, we are unable to feed jar food during their stay.
We have qualified volunteers on hand who will be able to help with your infant’s needs. The doors are closed and locked once the service begins and re-opened at the end of the service. Please visit out volunteer page to let us know if you would like to volunteer in the first steps Preschool Ministry! It embraces, demonstrates and encourages expression of values such as respect, concern for others, thankfulness and concern for environment and community. The teachers are committed to working together with the parents to foster the children's best growth in an atmosphere of love and learning.
Our Program opens up a world to our Preschoolers through firsthand experiences with people, events, animals, places and things.

Please complete the sign-in sheet at the door of your child’s classroom and make sure that all items belonging to your child are labeled with their name. In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we will post the number on the small screens above the west exit doors in the worship center (stage-side).
We want to meet the needs of your child to the best of our ability, and knowing what they need will help us make that a reality!
We ask that, unless there is an emergency, you do not pick your child up early from class as it may be disruptive to other children and classroom activities. Daily indoor and outdoor fun filled exercise keeps our children physically active and fit while they can make use of their large and small muscles. Continuous Science activity is built into our program, where children can do their own observation and hands on activities.
Our Music program is ongoing through the day with such activities as singing, introduction to instruments, and age appropriate music theory. Children can explore their senses in the Sensory Center, which is available to our children all the time. We also will introduce basic French for our Preschoolers.We have many exciting events and additional elements that will be added to our classes! From Yoga to cooking classes and special visitors to field trips!  These special items will be added into your Monthly Calendar so you will know when everything is taking place for your child!Children interact with well-planned settings for enhanced learning through play.

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